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besides splashing risk and less rip volume, why so little bong water?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ad0lfpiffler, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. any other reasons?

    (besides soaking your bud)

    like if i had a 4-ft bong that you couldn't clear anyways, wouldn't you put a foot of water in, for example, just as long as it didn't splash? or for example, if you added an ashcatcher on a bong you couldn't clear normally, wouldn't you fill that ashcatcher chamber to the top?

    i read somewhere on here that the solubility of THC is pretty negligible?
    maximize the cooling of the smoke with a shitload of water?

  2. Drag. Most people want a bong to hit quick and smooth. Drag slows down the process of milking and clearing.

    I usually use more water than most...
  3. you pretty much listed all of the reasons right there.. a bong filled with too much water will have more drag, splash, if it has an ice catcher close to the water it will splash up and melt the ice very quickly, a bubbler with too much water will give you a mouthful of water. just shit like that haha

    i got a small bong with an ice catcher, since its small though i have to empty out some water as the ice melts. one time a couple of us smoked a couple bowl packs and forgot to take the ice out when we took a break.. i was the first to hit it after the break and i didnt realize the bong was way overfilled so i got a huge mouthful of legit yellow ashy gross shit. shit sucked
  4. This thread can now end. Good question, followed by good answers. Thread complete.

  5. I doubt your "stem hole" (I have no idea what it's called...carb? stem hole? fuck...) will be placed high enough to fill it that high...

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