Besides me, has anyone else here ever crossed breed plants. I dont me marijuana plants but veg plants.

Discussion in 'General' started by MissBaracuta, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Was just wondering if anyone else on here has ever cross breed a vegetable plant besides me.  I have been working on past 3 years of cross breeding a big birth bell pepper plant with a habanero pepper plant.  I now have a bell pepper plant that produces big bell peppers, the size you buy in the grocery stores, that has the heat of a hot pepper!!!!!  They are great for salsa, chili and a variety of other things.  I love my hot peppers and normaly eat around 20 or more hot peppers per sandwhich!!!  The hotter the better and yes I have a cast iron stomach when it comes to eating hot peppers!!!  I am wanting to eventually sell my seeds for my hot bell pepper but that is still away down the road.  For now I just have my family and neighbors and friends bugging the hell out of me for my seeds!!!

    i remember reading about some farmers using a virus to infect a tobacco plant with firefly RNA sequence so it could glow.
    or using that same process to infect crops with some animal genes to increase cold resistance? 
    i dont have the know-how or equipment but i have some ideas of bad ass combinations.
  3. cross breeding is more forced plant sex (crossing pollen and such) and less cross species experimentation.
    What are your bad ass combos?  Really interested.
  5. that sounds awesome! I love hot food and a hot bell pepper sounds pretty good.
  6. yes that is true but I have had great luck with cross breeding a bell pepper plant with a habanero pepper plant.  I now have big bell pepper plant with the heat of a hot pepper!
  7. Our pumpkins and gourds will cross breed very well.
  8. I love my spicy food also!!! and said has taken me 3 years of cross breeding to come up with my bell pepper that has the heat of hot pepper plant.  Just about have it where I want it to get too and when I do will see about how to sell my seeds if I can patent them.  I have worked to hard on my bell peppers to just give them away.  But I love them the heat they put out.  They will make you sweat!!!!

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