Besides attack adds, what else do democrats have to run on this November?

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  1. Seems like they have done this all to themselves.

    What positive platforms can the democrats run on? I cant seem to find any, and it seems their only tactic is to campaign against goerge bush........ again. This is setting up for a democrat DISASTER this fall.

    If you were in charge of the DEMOCRATIC party, how would you advise them to campaign
  2. Step 1: Blame capitalism.

    Step 2: Blame Bush.

    Step 3: Blame rich people.

    And if none of those work, blame capitalism again.

  3. Rinse/Repeat
  4. they will run on "ending the Iraq war" and "ending the recession" with bailouts etc..
  5. Hope/Change
  6. Anything is better than the GOP ???? :D:smoke:
  7. Agreement # 2 :D
  8. Right, and made up statistics about illegal immigration, defending of the coporations, and pushing for a war with Iran are so much better.

  9. How you figure? I know the MSM doesn't remind you of this fact, but the economy wasn't anywhere near this bad under Republicans.
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    Dearest Dronetek,

    I have stated on numerous occasions that i do not subscribe to the US MSM apart from what blades here happen to post...
    AJE - Al Jazeera English is more my thing...:)

    I am particlary fond of your threads here though..;)

    Fight the Fight Brother..


    EDIT :

    Forgot to reply...:smoke:
    Dont really care what happens in the US mainland..
    Thats your business..
    But the GOP dont float my boat...:eek:
  11. We are truly living the lesser of two evils scenario. :(
  12. [ame=]YouTube - Political Attack Ads 2010[/ame]

    More attack adds
  13. Honestly it doesn't matter. Both parties are just going to fuck it up. Unless a bunch of Ron Paul's show up and re-take the Republican party.
  14. :hello:

  15. So your concede that is the democrats only strategy going into November

  16. Next: Praise ObamaCare, and disregard all objections

    Then: Obligatory platitudes about change

    Finally: Return to step 1, rinse and repeat.

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