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  1. I'm new here, but figured it might be a good place to show some of my music. I'm working on a mixtape right now, called "Fuck A Mixtape". Currently, I'm not smoking bud, probation and drug tests and shit kind of fucked me over, but I'm a stoner by heart. Check it out, feedback, good or bad, is much appreciated.

    [ame=]Killin It - Bert McAllaster - YouTube[/ame]


    I'll be posting up anything new here as it comes, for those who may like it!
  2. you've got a pretty good flow motha fucka!
  3. That first video was legit. You got the skills to pay the bills homes.
  4. This shit is hella dope, you should post in Post Your Verse thread. Keep grinding, you got talent.
  5. pretty good man - keep doing it and finding your own style (not that you totally dont have one but shit will naturally develop even further with time.) the song's were quite eminem like, but like what i said above, that's all good, everyone has their influences.

    you've got the technical rapping talent, now you only need to find something to make you stick out.
  6. Keep us updated.
    Your first track was real nice man, I was feelin it all the way through.
    As fire said, you should check out some threads we got in here and just fuck around and post lyrics off the top.
    Fine tune and practice a bit with no judgement but an audience, ya know?

    Your flow is so savage, I dig it. The beat was raw and everything just came together in "killin it
  7. Thanks guys, the feedback is much appreciated! Yeah, Eminem is my biggest influence, along with Tech N9NE, both were the first rappers I ever listened to for lyrics, flow, style, content, ect. I'll definitely keep putting things up here when I can, I'm glad I found a cool stoner community. I know the people who are high usually got the most open minds out there.
    Currently working on a mixtape, whenever I drop a single I'll put up songs, and the download link when it's available!
  8. I was hoping to see the muppet Bert tearing it up, possibly with Erny dropping a beat...
  9. hahahaha nah, got the name from my bro a couple years back, just went with it ever since.
  10. In all seriousness tho, work on the beats and you could be the next mac miller
  11. haha yeah, these aren't original beats. all the beats i've used have been used by bigger names, these are old eminem beats for those two songs.
  12. I'm Killin It!

  13. i've finished writing everything for my mixtape. waiting on enough studio visits to record everything though. afterward i plan on making an album. anybody make beats around here?
  14. Damn this is dope dude, you just got a few new fans. I play this in my car now dude. Really enjoy your flow and so do a few of my friends. about to have another sesh to it =D
  15. damn man, hella appreciate that! means a lot. i got my first performance coming up at my school in january, doing a verse for MLK. i'm hyped. keep in touch though, imma try putting anything new here i possibly can.
    also check me out on facebook - Bert McAllaster
    i put a lot of updates and shit there too.
  16. Alright man. I Really hope you make it man cause you've got some really good talent. Hell of a lot more than the rappers on the radio today, using ghost writers and shit.

    Hope i can come to one of your shows one day
  17. thanks man, i really appreciate that. it's comments like this that make me want to keep doing what i do. i make music for myself, but to have other people say they connect with it is a hella great thing. seriously, if i can get to the point where i am doing a show in your area, i'd hook you up with free entrance and shit, just for putting the faith in my like that.
  18. Just dropped a new track from my mixtape:

    [ame=]Fuck A Mixtape - Bert McAllaster - YouTube[/ame]
  19. Dude, that was sick. You remind me of my brother, your voice sounds just like his and he gets his influences from Eminem, Wu Tang, shit like that.

    That flow murders!
  20. You're swaggajackin T.I. with that mixtape title haha

    That last track is really good once you settle into your flow. My only criticism is that the eminem influence is almost too much, go your own direction a bit more.

    You clearly have a great deal talent

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