Berry Ryder Auto: T5/cfl Hydro Cabinet Grow

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  1. The two plants (from bagseed) from my first grow just started flowering and they were both male. Luckily, I just got three new seeds in the mail today. Auto Seeds Berry Ryder, DNA Genetics 60 Day Wonder Auto, and a Kannabia Karamelo (not an auto).
    I'm going to germinate the Berry Ryder tonight and hopefully get it in a bucket within the next day or two.
    I do have a couple questions about lighting.
    What color temperature is the best for growing autos? I was going to use a four bulb, 24in T5 assembly with two 6500k and two 3000k bulbs installed. I'm also using four 23w (actual wattage) CFLs. Half of those will be 6500k and the other half will be 2700k.
    Is this the best light color setup for autos? or should I only be using "red" flowering bulbs? or only 6500k?
    I've done some research and I think I'm going to keep them on an 18/6 schedule from seedling to harvest. I'll try to keep the PH around 5.8, and from what I understand, I should only be using flowering nutrients throughout the entire grow. I'll start the TDS level around 250 ppm and gradually increase it as she starts to bloom. 
    If anyone has questions or comments just let me know. Like I said, this is only my second grow attempt. My first grow ended today with two males. I'm a little bummed out, but I think my new seeds will be worth the extra wait. 

  2. I'm following. Sorry about the males, I feel your pain.

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  3. I`d probably use a 3:1 ratio of blue to red then as they start to show signs of flowering switch over to a 3:1 ratio of red to blue. Check out the link below its to a forum on growing just autos.
  4. Thanks for following me guys. I'm about to check my seed in the paper towel to see if she's sprouted yet. If so, I'll put it in the rockwool and get my bucket set up today. 
    Thanks for the info on lighting. I'll do the same light setup that I listed before, but in 3:1 ratios. instead of 1:1. 
    Just like my last grow, I plan to update frequently. Hopefully the iPhone app is up and running in the states soon. It just makes everything so much more convenient. 
    Again, thanks for following. Hopefully nature is on my side this time. I've got "high" hopes. heh.
  5. I just checked my seed and it's split already. The taproot is starting to show. I've got my bucket running with two air pumps this time and two new 4 inch air stones. The water is aerating much better than with one pump/stone. 
    All I've got left is to double check the PH and TDS levels and later tonight I'll put the germinated seed in the rockwool cube and into my bucket. Then it's the waiting game.
    My first grow was pretty successful, aside from the plants being male. I'm really excited to see this one in full bloom.
  6. Can you post that link again? It didn't show up for some reason.
  7. What do you guys do for lighting when the germinated seed is in rockwool and in the dwc bucket but not yet sprouted?

    Last time I started 18/6 as soon as I had a taproot.
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    The taproot was about a quarter inch long so I've got it in the bucket under 18/6.

    TDS is at 280ppm
    Ph is 5.8
    Temperature is 70F. In the bucket and in the cabinet.
  9. I see a little green starting to push up through the hydroton. When is day one? The day your seed pops and you get a taproot or is it when you have a seedling?
  10. I've got a sprout. I'm continuing 18/6 throughout the entire grow.
  11. I'm still here. I just don't have anything new to report. The little seedling is growing and everything seems ok so far.
  12. So far so good. She's still small but I'll get a picture when the lights come on.
  13. I guess I lied about the pictures. I have to load them onto my computer if I want to post them. I'll get some up soon. There's still nothing exciting happening.
  14. It's day 10. My first set of fan leaves is developing nicely. I need to get pictures up soon. She's starting to look like marijuana plant.

    Are you guys still with me?
  15. I've got a question.

    I seem to have problems thoroughly rinsing my hydroton and my ppm rose 200ppm around day 3. It's still under 500, but the nute level in the solution is at 300.

    Should I dump and refill my bucket now that the hydroton is completely rinsed, or do I just add more nutes as I go and ignore the extra TDS caused by the poorly rinsed hydroton?
  16. The edges of my leaves are starting to slightly curl up on the edges. Is that bad?

    The cabinet temperature has been around 80F. Reservoir temp stays around 72F. Humidity is around 50%.
  17. My PH was a bit high at 7.8. I added some ph down and we're back at 5.8.

    Could the high PH level cause the leaves to curl?
  18. Ahh! Why are my leaves curling?!
  19. I think I'm going to lose her. I don't know what's going on.

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