Berry Bomb feminised..

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  1. Hey all 2nd grow 1st is still in process so again I'm still learning..Today I soaked her all day then put her in kitchen roll wet with plastic cup covering....Just ordered a 1000w full spectrum light so going to stick that on my other plant and use a 600 w full spectrum light for veg room. Will be using cocoa soil in a small cupboard grow basic tent again silver lined walls usb fan...Glad to be part of GC, going to utilise what I've learnt so far from some awesome members and implicate them on this one....
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  2. Popped sometime in the night

  3. Put into pot with cocoa perlite and slow release fertiliser [​IMG]
  4. Just been looking at yours she looking good bro
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  5. Got one on already she's in flower [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  6. Bubblegum growing in Coco 1600w led 100w T5

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