Benzos and Weed?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by drumer2458, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. i just took 2 pills of some benzos and waws wondering if any one with experience knows if weed will boost the high of the benzos affect.
  2. Of course you should smoke weed with benzo's (hell smoke weed with everything). Weed + benzo's = fannnnfuckingtastic.
  3. yea the benzos are kicking in going to go smoke once my brother leaes so i can hit his ads bong
  4. Dude the more you smoke the better you will feel.

    Xanax + Weed = amazing :smoking:

    Lol im faded sorry ha!
  5. Yea i went to play roller hockey and felt amazing then went to my friend carters house and blazed his bong his family is in florida and i know the gragge password and my boy allowed me to go i smoked again and now going to take another zanx sound good to any one
  6. one more wont make me ill will it or will it make me twice as high
    what sould i do chill on this high or make it extream
  7. what pills do you have?



    will make you feel so much better

    Im on 10mg of klonnys and ate a firecracker.... still not the same... something so magical about mixing benzos and bud and beer.

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