benzos and opiates

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  1. I just took 3 hydrocodone( a 5 a 7.5 and a 10) and a 1mg klonoplin. what should i expect.
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    To get the nods I would expect. You aren't going to die or anything on that dose. You only took 22.5mg of hydro which isn't that much and 1mg of Klonopin. I'm not really familar with that benzo, but from what I'm reading it's a pretty potent one, so I guess it would be like taking a couple of 10mg valium. You will probably just start to nod out.
  3. 1mg of Kpins isnt like a mg of xanax or anything, i wouldnt really expect much. -
  4. actually it is like a mg of xanax. they are about equally as potent...
  5. do you realize that combination is potentially fatal? on your dose you dont have shit to worry about; but did you do ANY research of the combination?
  6. dude dont mix those 2. like swisher said, shit will kill you softly asleep. my freinds brother commited suicide with an oxy 80 and 2 bars.
  7. First off, why the fuck did you have so many different strength pills? that's sketchy as fuck...

    but yeah, bad shit.

    my aunt took some Roxies, some xanax bars, and blew some yayo and blacked out for a whole day and had a seizure for about 5 mintues. bad shit bro.
  8. im sorry to hear that. a lot of people are truly ignorant when it comes to pills. (not referring to your buddy, or the OP. just in general)

    combination really killed me one day.
  9. yea idk i was stupid one day and took 2 1/2 bars then took 15 mg hydro iended up being fine

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