Benzos and dependance issues with them

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  1. I'm looking into getting a script for some sort of benzo for anxiety, both for legit use, and recreational use. I have a question first, however:

    Are benzo's psychologically addictive? I know they are physically, but if you developed a dependance, could you simply ween off and have no unwelcome cravings or urges? I'm talking about both as prescribed and recreationally.
  2. Anything in the world can be psychologically addicting.....
  3. Ya it really depends on your personality
  4. It depends on your personality, what benzo you get, how much you're scripted and how long you've been on it.

    I've been taking klonopin/xanax/valium for the last few years, everywhere from 3x a day for months at a time to big binges every so often, with out any withdrawals or other negatives.

    It's easy to become dependent on them, but to get truly addicted you're gonna have to let yourself go for quite a while.

  5. Ok, I do know this.

    I mean in the sense that opiates, nicotine, alcohol, and amps are, the once an addict always an addict kind of drugs.
  6. In the "once an addict, always an addict" sense, I would not say that benzos are as addicting. You don't really get a rush off them and I've noticed that it doesn't really cause the urges and dependency issues that nicotine and opiates do.

    You could be different so (like any drug) you just need to listen to your body and have the willpower to not take it if you don't need/want to.

  7. Well I know we're all unique, but I just wanted to know something about how hard it is for most people to get into trouble, so I could know roughly what to expect.

    On that note, is there anyone here who has had a problem spending too much on benzos or stopping use?
  8. you take them as prescribed or recreationally??
  9. Both. I get them prescribed and take them when my anxiety really gets out of hand and can't control it with my seroquel or weed. Other than that I'll just take 2-5 of my kp's to have a relaxing day if I feel like it.

    I'm not that big on taking them every day since I already have a good tolerance and don't want to become dependent on them again. The one thing I really dislike about benzos is that you really need to taper off after every day dosage, since you can have seizures and die from the W/D's you can get.

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