Benzo Question

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Corey72, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. I have read a few posts on here about people preferring the round blue benzos over regular bars. Whats the difference I know the round blue one are 1mg and bars are 2mg. What are they usually called?
  2. uh im pretty sure no1 would prefer the 1mg xanax over the 2mg xanax.
  3. i have read here that a few people on here do believe it or not they say it hits them harder for some reason? I know it done make sense the more mg the more effect.
  4. I just ate one like 5 mins ago. I shall see for myself.
  5. well thats impossible. 2mg will definitely jack you up more than 1mg. I wish i had some xanax right now :C
  6. I wish i could find the post where they said this. I remember two different people saying it.
    I am now feeling it start to hit, just a little.
  7. 1mg might be low enough dose that you don't black out
  8. still id rather have a bar..just split in half. i almost never see the bars anymore, theres only the peach .5s and the blue 1mg ones.

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