Benzo family?

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  1. can somebody breakdown the strength of the different benzos from strongest to weakest? like xanax, klonopin, valium, ativan etc.

  2. oohh id like to see this as well
  3. I would check out erowid... I'm not exactly sure myself, but I know erowid could help you out.
  4. lol you fucked up off some of them right now?

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  5. hell yea, ate 2 of the klonopin and a xanax, feelin good

    you get that dank you were talkin about last night?
  6. ay get me in on some of that fire...

  7. Its not the same but its some dank
  8. right, were those mids str8 for 35 a 1/4? im prolly gonna pick up a 1/2 of that same shit tomorrow
  9. the main ones (Not couting the dozens of varied benzos that range strength

    From strongest and longest to weakest and meekest:

    Clonazepam (Longest, on par with, in strength:)

    Hope I helped.

    P.S.- Clonazepam is the longest lasting, and the chemical your liver emtabolizes it into, is technically a benzo as well. If you haven't had any experience with Clonazepam before: 2mg is the smallest amount you need, usually, to still feel effects the next day. Lorazepam has the strongest retrograde amnesia, Diazepam is the weakest (20mg minimum for recreation for me, no benzo tolerance whatsoever), and Alprazolam.. Well, haha. We all know bout that, I think.
  10. clonazepam up on top hah, good info
  11. everytime i take clonazepam i get straight FUCKED up for like an hour, then it goes irritates the hell outta me cuz when they kick in they are BOMB.
  12. That's really weird.. Most people who take it feel it for a couple days. Hm. Ask your doc? I dunno man.
  13. tell me if im wrong but

    clorazapam = ativan
    lorazapam = klonopin
    alprolazam = xanax
    diazapam = valium
  14. Only got the first two mixed up =D Good jorb tho.
  15. so klonopin is the strongest?
  16. Well, there's actually a lot of debate to that. Lorazepam is VERY, VERY strong, and Klons are VERY, VERY strong.. And ebcause of their potency, yit's ahrd to judge the potency DIFFERENCE, I've had good experience with both, annd another thing that makes it hard to judge, is the amnesia. You take enough of either for a GOOD recreational dose, and you won't remember.. Anything.

    The onyl difference, is Lorries last about a day, and Klon doses of 2mg+ can last 2, 3, 4 5, 6, SEVEN days.

    HAd a friend who was a Klon fiend, would take 16mg at a time (Equivalent of 320mg of Valium) and be gone for days n days.
  17. the clon has the longest half life IIRC
  18. QFT, and the chemical your liver metabolizes it into, I honestly forget, is what makes it last so damn long...
  19. In my experience with benzos, Xanax has been the strongest. Of course I am talking about the 2mg "bars". Yes klonopin would be a close 2nd in my book and valium of course is always last. It takes around 40mg of valium to make me comfortable.

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