benzo and vicodin

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by hackjob, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. anyone try it here? Is it a good idea to mix or bad? I dont know too much about benzos
  2. opiates and benzo's can kill you, but not with somethin like vicodin unless your body is just fuckin weak

    its my personal favorite drug combo, like 1mg of xanax/klonopin and 5-7 bags of heroin, makes me nod off all day, haha and occasionally it makes me nod off in the parking lot i did my dope at for an hour or 2 if i aint done it in awhile

    technically its dangerous, but whatever i got a death wish
  3. how cheap are the bags where you are...xanax and dope go together perfectly but 5-7 bags would run me like 60-120. i usually shoot up 1 or 2 bag shots at the most.
  4. I've done Valium and Hydrocodone at the same time three times. First time was fun, second and third time I threw up after. Not a good combo in my eyes.
  5. Man, I just dropped some benzos after about 4 months of absolutely no drug use. I'm feeling great. Never mixed with hydrocodone before but both are fun done seperately, I
    ll bet they're great mixed. Maybe this shit jst put me in a wreckless mood, though.
  6. well as of right now I got a 1mg larazopam and an m357(5/500) vicodin
  7. ive never tried the lorazepam im kinda curious about it.. im on 1mg of xanax and some smack right now. its really a perfect mix..the benzos complement the opiates so well it like defines relaxation
  8. exactly, it was great :hello:
  9. i get 10 bags for 85 dollars, u gotta go to the hood if u want cheap bags, if u buy em in suburbia they cost a shitload like 15-20 a bag, i always say "where theres bricks theres bricks" haha, cuz alota the hoods u can cop dope at around here have at least 1 brick road by/in them
  10. opiates can knock out your drive & kill ya,
    but benzo's wont, seen a guy take 50 V's, he just slept for a long time
    if you had liquid benzo & banged it you could knock out your drive
    but not PO

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