Beno,mi el madra! XoXo~ Mrs. Sheryl Sue = Whats up, my family! XoXo~ Mrs. Sheryl Sue

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  1. Hi I'm Sheryl (Mrs. Sheryl Sue) I'm 26 been smokin sine 13 n lovin it majorly! Big bonus I live in wonderful washington state where the mary~jane is up in the top 5% best in the nation! Ain't I a lucky dog! Muawh~ Mrs. Sheryl Sue
  2. Right on. Im in Western WA. Good weed here..

    Oh by the way...Im stigma...I didnt catch your name.. ??
  3. My names sheryl... I'm over in tacoma western washington 253 all day babie!
    Xo~ Mrs. Sheryl Sue
  4. Oh no kidding? I work in Tacoma, right off of Pacific ave.

    What did u say yer name was again??
  5. My name is Sheryl, I go by that or Sheryl Sue... yeah I live downtown off pacific in a studio with my two pitbull pups (17 weeks wold now) Damsel (like a damsel in destress is the all white female) and Prince (is the white male with brown spots) lovin in though!!! ~Xo~ Mrs. Sheryl Sue
  6. I have a pitbull too. :D

    I used to live right off steele street. I live outside of Tacoma now though.
  7. Oh Yeah! Q#1.How old is ur pit!?! Q#2. Male or female?!? Q#3. How long have u had it?!? Q#4. Did u do all the training!?! Q#5. Do u ever go to dog parks?!? ~ XoXo~ Mrs. Sheryl Sue
  8. My dog is about 8 years old, its a male, and he isnt really "trained" he listens when I get mad at him though. :D

    I take my dog to the park all the time. He is a badass at the river. He will dive underwater and fetch stuff. And he can keep up without being a pain int he ass.
  9. hahaha, welcome to GC sheryl!

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