Bengals vs. Ravens 26 minute to kickoff.

Discussion in 'General' started by KingPins, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. Take your picks.
  2. Ravens 24-21

    and then the Cardinals 21-17
  3. damn!!!! i didnt think it started till 8 or 9 thanks for reminding me

    lol 3 fuckin turnovers
  4. No way the cardinals beat the 49er's. I dont see that happening.

    Bengals over Ravens by 3.
  5. I'm taking the Bengals over the Ravens, and San Fran over Arizona
  6. Bengals looking great early.

    3 turnovers. :D
  7. Yeah I'm watching it right now. Boo both teams! I hope Carson AND Steve get injured, but not career threatening, just for the season.

  8. little late but bengals all the way and guy above me, hey carson already got injured horrificly once and he's a stand up guy don't pick on him
  9. His accuracy has been a little off but hes look pretty good so far.. too bad they havent been able to really capitalize off the 3 turnovers.
  10. Bengals win by 7.

    Now 49er's vs. Arizona.

    Im going with the 49er's here.
  11. San Fran baby, Chad had me rollin when he pulled out that jacket haha.
  12. 20-27 Cincinatti. ;)
  13. Man i was disappointed, he promised us soo much more.

    Although I was pleased with a Bengals win. and Frank Gore is on my fantasy team and is off to a good start.

    49er's 7-0
  14. Go 49'ers!!!

    Yes, I said I thought they would lose but ever since I was a kid I always loved them, just think they may lose lol just a feeling.

    But I say it when I mean it....

    GO PATS!!
  15. I was 2 for 2 tonight.

    Patriots are cheaters, they should be banned from the postseason this year

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