Bengal Tiger vs. African Lion

Discussion in 'General' started by PublicEnemy20, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Fully grown adult male African lion versus a fully grown adult male Bengal Tiger. Who would win if they were to fight in an octagon?
  2. Tiger, them n***as crazy
  3. oh bengal,,, then the lion. siberian? tiger for sure,
  4. Oh shit. Lion I feel like has more weight to it so imma say lion
  5. This is a decent matchup, maybe moreso with a siberian but lets roll with it.

    The lions mane helps to protect his neck, but tigers stand on both hind legs to fight with both front paws whereas lions stand on 3 and swat with one. That usually gives tigers an advantage over lions but it could go either way.

  6. But lions are used to hunting in prides. Tigers are solitary hunters.
  7. has to be siberian op or else the tiger dont stand a chance

  8. Dude the bengal tiger has recently been found to be larger than the siberian tiger.
  9. they are basicaly the same size. but a lion is a pack hunter, and the female lions usually do the hunting. in combat between prides, the alpha males duke it out tho.

    bengal tigers fly solo, but have been known to hunt crocodiles and black bears.

    imma go with the tiger, just because itll have some expirience, and it takes on black bears...

  10. I was thinking the same thing, until I watched this vid lol

    [ame=]Animal Face-Off: Lion vs. Tiger - YouTube[/ame]

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