Benefits of Quitting Weed for Spirituality/Peace of Mind

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  1. Read all of it. Did not watch any of the videos.
    For me addiction stems from your philosophy of use.
    That being said...
    I can understand your feelings towards your idea of addiction. 
    For me personally...
    I am not a heavy smoker. I maybe smoke two - three times a week. I exercise six days a week.
    Yoga in the morning, strength conditioning in the afternoon, and cardio in the evening.
    Sunday is when I do all the chores around the house.
    I work from home which allows me to schedule my time accordingly.
    If i experienced this lack of energy as you described it. I would definitely re-evalute how I go about things.
    I hope this approach continues to resolve and balance your life out.
    I'm going to do that yoga routine tomorrow morning.

  2. I don't do yoga. I do the Yogi.

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    Now I want to try that instead.
  4. Weed helps me become aware of the spiritual realm.
    Cannabis is not just a party drug.
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  5. Here's the bottom line, at least so far as I'm concerned right now. Cannabis affects everyone differently, as many say, but not only 'everyone differently' but it affects everyone differently at different times. It will have different effects on different people at different points of their life. As I said, to me it used to be this almost miracle drug that gave me intense spiritual awareness. It just doesn't for me anymore, for the time being. And it's certainly not cuz I'm not open to it. I've always honestly thought that's just what it did for me. Then at a certain point it just...didn't. And I wanted it to. That was my hope and intention every time smoking it for so long, and it just didn't do that for me. So now it just enhances my regular life, whatever I'm doing. And that's ok. But it doesn't do just one thing, and it will do different things even for the same person at different points in their lives.
  6. As usual, you offer real insight into your current way of seeing things. As I have come to realise of late, the line - how do I know what I think until I hear what I have to say? seems relevant here.
    You reveal the dilemma many of us go through, and the words of Alan Watts ring true in many ways - when you get the message it's time to hang up the phone.
    Now, I think he was referring to the very profound mystical states one gets on psychedelics, but cannabis induces its own kind of profundity, so it might apply.
    Using it with spiritual intention is a good way of opening up to higher frequencies, but as you say, all use is valid, and in a way, all use is spiritual, medicinal, regardless of what might be intending while on it.
    I have gone through long periods of abstaining, long sober times, which I've felt were necessary in order to become more, recognise, bring into my life, so to speak, what I felt I'd realised, and felt I needed normal consciousness to do so.
    Yet I do keep returning to using it, albeit not always in the same way. Taking it as an edible really does change the way it affects me - there is a big difference in experiencing MJ through the lungs and metabolising it through the liver, and as a non-smoker (I only vape if I wish to inhale anything) the edible has become something I take more often.
    When I feel like I ought to not use it - I don't. When I feel like the moment is right to do so - I do. Even when I think I will I sometimes find myself not doing so. I will also set up specific scenarios that are designed to give me an experience, or the circumstances where I can have it, in the way that benefits me most.
    Whether by the sea or in my van, it is a conscious decision to use it in a conscious way - it feels very meditative. Walking and sitting, just being with myself, or hanging with others, where they are and can interact, and accepting that, allowing for that, not resisting that, which I suspect you have to do when they of course cannot recognise that you are altered, prefer to be alone, in that moment.
    I choose my alone moment, or allow what comes to be as it is otherwise. Both are valid, both usually produce the unexpected regardless of what I might intend, and once I see or feel what seems synchronous to me, I know I'm where I'm meant to be.
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    Hey esseff, nice seein ya post! There are really any number of reasons why one might choose to use or abstain at any point that are valid. It's really all about where the individual is at any point. And I can only say from my perspective, which can't even compare with say someone who has never smoked it to begin with. But, I think you make a good point of just trying to be conscious of whatever state one is in. Not trying to be in a different state than you are, not trying to escape your actual experience, but being conscious of it. I think that's good general advice.
    Interesting you mention edibles. Believe it or not, I have never had an edible. Smoked a good amount of weed, but no edibles. Man, you really bring back up in my mind that I really need to do that. Lol. I've definitely heard good things. Some people say it really does sort of take it to another level, which you seem to indicate. I guess it's something I really have to try. 
    And I like how you mention synchronicity as being an indicator. I've heard that it's supposed to be a kabbalistic concept as well, that synchronicity indicates you're somehow in the right place or on the right path. When synchronicity occurs, and especially when it is an ongoing thread, it seems to be a sign of being 'spiritually in tune.'
  8. Less is more.
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    I removed my last post in here, just felt it was too much of a tired and unfocused rambling lol.
    Appreciate the great responses in here yall, really has been an insightful conversation. I've enjoyed it. :smoke:
    I've come to a place in my understanding, after my last 7 years of consistent smoking and vaping, to where it all comes down to context. I've come to realize that yes, although I LOVE herb and the effects it gives, there ARE some physiological, energetic and mental side-effects that comes as a result of constant, frequent usage. 
    If I want to be at my absolute sharpest, absolutely most natural, clear and focused state, then I am going to be sober. So when there are times in my life, like now, when I know I have to be at my most energetic and clear-minded in order to deal with a lot of real life shit (like finding new jobs in a new town and moving, starting a new career in a field I am passionate about... yoga, holistic wellness etc), then I will take a break for a little while. I'll take some time to get nice and clear, focused, really discipline myself with my sleep and exercise and dieting and meditation... and then, once I have gotten to that fast, efficient sober state of mind and accomplished/done all the shit I needed to accomplish... when I'm in my new place in a new town with my new job(s) in place... then I can relax and chill, and it will be the most rewarding, overall fucking awesome sesh ever. haha.
    I've found that the problem comes when I let my habitual, compulsive instincts interfere with my intentions when I DO decide to get clean and clear. In other words... when I tell myself I'm going to quit for a while, but then give in when chilling with a bunch of friends, or give in and buy just "1 more 20 sack" and all that shit. It's not the WEED inherently that is making me give in to temptation when I decide to quit, it's the addictive, habituating part of my own mind/base instincts that is making me stay in my habits.
    So it's all about context, in my opinion. There is nothing inherently "wrong" at all in smoking a lot of weed, every day. There is no ultimate right or wrong in the universe in general. It must just be realized that there are effects... for every cause, there is an equal effect, and if you are smoking a lot of weed every day, your body and mind will be in a different state because of it. The only question is... when do you want to be stoned, and when do you want to be clear?
    As long as you are able to master yourself and your base instincts and have control over your "pleasures"/smoking... I see no problem with smoking, or quitting.... as long as you are doing what is best for you AT THAT TIME. And only each of us knows what that is for ourselves. That's why people finger wagging and dogmatically preaching on one side or the other... smoking or sobriety... I feel both miss the point. It's all about what a person wants to experience in their life, and each person finding the proper balance for them self and their own life.
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    Amen bro, amen. When I started out, weed use to give my friends and I the most intense high where there would be this feeling of uncontrollable giddiness and laughter bubbling up from inside. We would get soooo high. The high after x amount of years of smoking has changed over time quite a bit... also depending on levels of tolerance, strains and types of weed, etc etc. But you're right... the herb affects people differently at different times throughout life, no doubt.
    I agree with esseff's point that any "enhancing" effect can be seen as spiritual in a sense too, for sure. Sometimes when I vape I feel very meditative and have very insightful thoughts... and sometimes I'll vape, maybe in a more social setting, with my good friends, and I'll just feel very good and have a great time doing whatever we are doing... hiking, making music, going to the beach, whatever. That upliftment definitely does feel like the spiritual, sacramental component to cannabis. That communion with the energy and consciousness of mother nature herself that we also experience with other hallucinogens, definitely occurs on some level with cannabis, and it can be a beautiful thing, for sure.
    Beautiful post, my friend. :smoke:
    I can relate fully, and agree with most every point.
    I also definitely agree with the interesting difference between vaping and edibles. I got a convenient edible hook up in town recently and I experimented with metabolising for a while, and the effects I found are very enjoyable in a different, more embodied kind of way. I love the intensity of the body high and the longer-lasting nature of it... so good. Glad I just read this as a a reminder, I might just have to hit my buddy up tomorrow. ;) :p
  11. Weed like everything is good in moderation

    People start to have problems when they are over doing it

  12. I would like to say I used to smoke marijuana all the time for about 3-4 years,
    I really think the negatives outweigh the positives of smoking, all smoking did for me was create holes in my aura (etheric body), (energy body) which led to Entity Attachments which then depleted my energy. As entities that attach to your aura while your stoned drain energy out of you. Over time, and influence you in a negative way. I've done research on the spiritual effects of marijuana and if smoked excessively it will Destroy Your Energy bodies and Aura. Also one of the reasons why people feel tired is because it depletes you Chi (Life Force). Smoking marijuana also lowers your natural psychic defenses over time, which then leaves you open for psychic attack , such as psychic knife throwing, etc.
    Unless you smoke by your self, out in Nature and respect the plant with intention. The above will most likely occur. Especially smoking in places where others smoke as these are the places where entities hang around.
    I have heard having allot of Fluorite the gemstone (rainbow fluorite) around when your having a smoke will protect your aura, also the chance of holes being created in your aura would be less likely.
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  13. The less i smoke the more centered and balanced minded i seem to become, my energy also becomes cleaner and i eventually get a natural high all the time but when i smoke too often i seem to deplete this natural high then always tend to chase the weed high to get back to that place. Nowadays i try to keep a balance between spirituality and psychedelics, as i only use them for spiritual practice or amplification and probably only smoke once every 2-3 weeks for profound effects and insightful learning experiences where if i get high every day or too often its just slightly escaping reality and feeling just a little better than before only to feel the withdrawals the next day and the following week.
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  14. that's great if you can only smoke every few weeks, i know that feeling of escaping reality by smoking everyday. did it have many side effects for you? i found it made me feel agitated and had some mood problems also, a fair bit of insomnia after quitting. i find that being energetically sensitive it doesn't mix too well, if that makes sense. when you smoke do you set an intention ? i haven't tried to before though have heard it is useful to, as some people think the plant has a spirit, and to be respectful towards the plant.
  15. Yeah too many negatives to mention, most people either numb or block them out because they don't want to deal with and face that they have an addiction and that weed can be harmful psychologically overtime. It most definitely can if abused, it is a medicine and more spiritual herb and should be used very respectfully or it will eventually make you no different than those who abuse other medicines or drugs. Yes intention works great but then again if used too often doesn't seem to work. The less i use it the more i actually learn and gain insights from the plant itself and the more connected i feel to its wisdom.
  16. I understand, yeah that is true. It sure can be harmful psychologically. That makes allot of sense. I found Hydro is allot more addictive as well. It is excellent you can manage the times when you use it, would be very helpful to learn from the plant and connect to it. I'm sure it would not appreciate people abusing it. I guess it could be considered special or sacred in a way.
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  17. Hi there, just wondering has any thing spiritual happened to you while smoking, like entity attachments ? or seeing entities ? I am thinking of smoking again, At some point only occasionally otherwise I become too dependent on it.
    I think because i used to smoke with some people that did other drugs and were quite negative and in their environment was how the entities hopped over to me so to speak. I hope that makes sense. I never had any spiritual problems smoking by myself. cheers.
  18. also i forgot to mention, i used to mediate in a group every week and get high before meditating, one time i learned a breathing technique called "channeling" little did i know that without an intention prior to channeling" it can be very dangerous especially while meditating. Long story short, i did this technique while meditating, and went into the astral realm unknowingly, i now know i was on the lower level of the astral realm and a few entites or (Shadow Men) came back over with me through the channel i opened. I did not notice them at first, but it was like i opened a door for them. later that year they visited me, i saw 3,4 of them in my house, they were very tall and dark looking, they would watch me. they stayed around for 2-3 weeks. Thankfully they couldn't come too close to me and i would only see them in the living room. this was 2 years ago, they came back this year as well for another visit but with less intensity. i've had some very strange experiences while smoking.

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