Benefits of Quitting Weed for Spirituality/Peace of Mind

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  1. i smoke moderately, a couple times a week, i find it makes me think a lot more, makes me happier, and makes philosophizing easier, when i'm off weed, im negative, spiritually disassociated, i think weed benefits me every day though, i get bad
  2. With or without marijuana I have anxiety/paranoia, smoking helps and sometimes it does not. Like you said the mind is a powerful thing, I'm sure I understand what MY mind can handle.
  3. yoga

  4. Ohhh my god OP :) i recently stopped cheefin the reef for reasons outta my control (damn law). But i take things as they come and decided to accept it and see what its like livin clean. And after maybe a week i felt undescribly happy in my own mindstate :) Like you said, i as well feel less anxiety, more happiness and a grounded relaxed feeling sits well with my normal being all the time. Its strange, soon after smokin' was out of possibility. I began having revelations after awakenings that brought me to even more revalations : D Its like all the thoughts and visions that overwhelmed me before just settled into a natural state of mind. Its an incredible wave of balance, you must be right about the spot in your lower back. After reading your post, it made me feel much happier to realize that this is the pure beauty of the plant :p Everyone is different though, there are probably a lot of people feel the exact same way post smoking but hey what ever floats your boat, keeps it floatin, and we'll all float on okaay ;) Its just super nice being able to relate to someone else :)
  5. Agreed man.

    I quit for a month in January and felt much better.

    I have just recently quit again, and plan on doing so for a much longer time. I feel like I don't need drugs anymore. They served their purpose for me and now I will rarely partake in them, the only ones I really enjoy doing anymore are psychedelics, which I will probably continue taking occasionally (just tripped two days ago and had an amazing experience).

    Like you said I am much more energetic, and there is sooo much more clarity in my mind when I am not smoking weed regularly. I just feel better in every way possible.
  6. I've been wanting to find a Tai Chi or QiGong school around here, but I want one with the legitimate esoteric knowledge of the movements and not just a blind physical routine like most places are. It seems dang hard to find. I suppose for now I'll just stick with my 5 yoga asanas that I know the meaning of and then start an actual exercise regimen of pushups etc.. It's like anytime a guy works out he's expected to become some kinda freakin body builder, when in fact most body builders die young because it's just unnatural.
  7. Wow iv had the same feeling in my lower back, that is sooo weird. I though it was a problem that only I was having, today I didnt smoke weed and the feeling of pain/emptyness was not there.
  8. i've been smoking twice a week and haven't noticed any problems, though when i used to smoke daily i did get dependent
  9. now i dont know if i fully agree with this lower back kidney pain thing, perhaps it dosnt apply to me.

    but thanks for this breathing thing. i already do yoga some, and work out nealy daily. but that breathing thing is very nice, very peaceful.

    i just woke up and i hit a bowl and did it, didnt seem to mess up my flow.

    but thanks OP i wanted to get this thread in my subscribed ones for future benefit.

    also that blonde swedish girl in that one video, yea i would rape her
  10. Like alcohol, cannabis should never be taken when things aren't right, in order to 'get out of it' as it were. It's a sacred plant that's not meant to be abused, and having an abundant supply, as many people now do, especially in the US, doesn't necessarily help. Like all facilitators, it's meant to be used in conjunction with some form of spiritual practice, not primarily recreationally. Also, it should not be taken with tobacco.

    I'm not familiar with chinese energy so I can't comment on it, but our chinese cousins do know a thing or two, which is all I'll say. Each of us knows whether what we're doing is having a positive effect on our lives or not - what we need to acquire is the wisdom to let go of that which may no longer be. If you become unsure about cannabis, at any time, test it out. But in order to do so properly, you have to be sincere about it. If you discover, like the OP, that stopping using it is what's needed, at least in the way that you've been doing so, only sincerity will allow you see that clearly and act upon it.
  11. thank you for this. I'm sure you've touched countless others who haven't commented. Appreciate all your resources and depth of knowledge. I am on day 2 of many. Much appreciated.
  12. Yes I agree. Great post OP!
  13. i think the truth in all this is the middle way

    smoke all of the time, and you most likly will not be as good as you could be, i mean i love smoking pot and we know you all do too, but come on we know how lazy it makes you, how chill it makes you, well there is a time and place id say...

    at the same time smoking now and then will not hinder your spirituality

    but i do believe being high while in meditaion does not help you at all, in deeper states while sober you can reach states very similure to the mental sensation of 'getin high' but it is much 'clearer' or more fluid, hard to describe

    i have tried to smoke less at times as well though for the sake of spirituality, its like when catholics go on Lent and dont watch TV and that helps them get closer to god... not o say TV seperates you from god directly, but its all about your mind
  14. Intention is everything. We know that Cannabis can be used to ease the journey towards enlightenment, but it won't give you enlightenment, it just points out the signposts. If you've come to rely on it too much, then it will tell you through the experiences you have.

    There's a fine line between addiction (attachment) and use. If you use it wisely, very sparingly, with gratitude, and appreciate its sacredness whenever you do, you will always get the most from it.
  15. IMO weed numbs you to where you will face less of your challenges head on and thus learn a little less spiritually. Definitely better not to do it if you can, but I have always supported recreational use as harmless. When you're doin it all the time though, it seems kind of escapist.
  16. so those rastas are a bunch of spiritually dead escapists? ever been to jamaica before? doesn't seem so...
  17. Quit weed, do acid. Or both like me. Have you ever meditated on acid then stood on a hill and looked at a forest as it goes off into the distance and then see where small farms, roads, and urban areas begin. On acid, I feel like cities are cancers but that's another story. Point is, yea its a hardcore drug, but anyone whose done it or knows someone who does knows why. When u become enlightened, u become disgusted with the current system. For a week, I could not really deal with society and had to smoke everyday that week to be able to not have to deal directly with it. Wow I digressed pretty hard, hope this post was allowed :smoking:
    Anyways, path to spirituality has many beginnings. Some are faster (DMT), others require dedication (Medidation with religious monks in Asia).

  18. Your denial that the possibility of weed having any negative effects whatsoever is only to justify your own usage of it. Just as I must accept that weed has no negatives for some people, you must accept that it has negative effects for others. I'm sure many people can relate to the OP's post, just as many can relate to your view that Marijuana is 100% good. It varies by person.

    This post is very interesting and I'd like to thank the OP for some of the techniques described here. The complete yogic breath in particular is wonderful in its effective simplicity and something I'd have probably never learned without reading about it.

    I would like to hear back from the OP about how long his weed break lasted and the things he got up to in that time. Also, has he gone back and if so, how has that affected things?
  19. Power to ya. As pure and helpful as cannabis is, it can also become a manifestation of dependence. The great thing about it is, that you DON'T have to smoke. After a while of smoking, you already have the mindset in which you got from it, and going without it should not be hard given the right attitude.
  20. Great post little jacob
    Just recently decided to take some cut backs from the herb and this post could not have popped up at a better time
    I had realized I was way too dependent on bud and simply didn't want to accept it
    Maybe because I had attributed my 'spiritual awakening' as a consequence of smoking weed...? Who knows
    It really just takes a reevaluation of the relationship we hold with the mighty herb

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