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Benefits of not smoking Marijuana?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by skatealex2, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. Do you think there is anything good about not smoking marijuana?

    I think when I go on tolerance breaks a I have a deeper sense of clarity in mind.

    But there are many negatives such as- harder time falling asleep, slightly less appetite, more prone to anger............................

    I'm wondering what you all think about this mind bending question.............

  2. The only real benefit I can see is saving money.
  3. Prior to reading this I thought marijuana was perfect but he's right. Aside from that though, marijuana is shockingly all-encompassing.
  4. You fit in with the norm.

    Who wants to fit in with the norm? Not me.

    Im a person, not a robot.
  5. A lower standard of health. of course if everything else you do is unhealthy then its not going to make a difference whether you smoke or not.
  6. I find myself with more energy and a heavier pocket :p
  7. More money. More boredom.
  8. Saving money. Less paranoid
  9. Saving a hella alot of money.
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    When your employer drug tests you (pre-employment, etc) you can just go "okay!" and not have to flip out. Unless you just shot up in the bathroom or something.

  11. I almost brought health up too but then I thought about it...

    Most of us [in the western world anyways] would need to change our diets and exercise patterns first when talking about making positive health changes...Weed doesn't even compare to those things in terms of making an impact on our health.

    So really there is nothing besides $$$$$$ to be gained by quitting.
    Maybe getting over a mental reliance if you have one? Which if you are a seasoned toker, most of us will have developed some sort of reliance.
    But it's only because the herb is so damn helpful for so many things!--sleeping, mood, stress, eating, pain, stomach issues and so on...
    How could you not develop a reliance on such a powerful herb?! :)
  12. well only thing i see is saving money.......but more importantly when you finally get back to smoking you'll be ripped
  13. You are not risking going to jail, and you are saving a bit of money. Of course, money, and listening to the police are the most important things in the world. :rolleyes:

    Keep smoking, and blow the smoke in prohibition's face.
  14. Couldn't agree with you more radicaljonny.
  15. no, besides the money part, smoking is completely harmless in my mind. and if you were worried about the smoking part of it, just vape it.

    negatives for me are...really hard time falling asleep, get angry MORE, food doesnt look or taste as good...cant really think of any right now (i should go smoke a bowl and think about it more!)

    i prove all my negatives pretty much anytime i take a t break...just this past weekend i went home friday night because i was gonna do my older bro a solid and work for him so he could go to the KU football game. ok so friday night sucked...i went to bed around 11:00pm (work starts at 7am), i didnt fall asleep until like fuckin after 1:00am, then woke up at like 3am and couldnt go back to sleep for another hour or so. I was originally going to stay home til sunday morning but i ended up going home saturday night after dinner at IHOP (which i love but i couldnt eat all my food because it started not tasting as good and i couldnt finish)...i got home that night, smoked 2 bowls and played some Call of Duty...i slept like a freakin baby that night

    and with the whole anger thing, i see it from day to day. Like just this morning i was playing some Call of Duty and i would constantly get angry, yell curse words, etc...but when i am high, i dont do any of that!

    Weed makes me a happier person!

  16. Saving $ seems to be the most popular and logical answer.

    I'll also have to agree with less paranoid. That's probably the strongest reason that I like to take breaks for. As a seasoned toker, weed makes me more paranoid than it used to, surprisingly it isn't the other way around, but that might just be because I hardly ever break for more than 2 days :smoking: or my various drug/psychedelic use over the years........

    there are so many incredible things about Budda though. As long as I can smoke a little bit at the end of the day- i am happy no matter what is going on- it lets me see outside the box and laugh at this game we call life.

  17. Some people (AKA people who don't matter) will have a higher opinion of you.
  18. aha fuckin' yes, /thread right here
  19. Agreed. Other than money.

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