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Benefits of a grinder?

Discussion in 'Other Toking Tools' started by MiloV, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. So, I have only been smoking for a year now. Last year, I would break my stuff up when I wanted to smoke - but the last two times I have bought, I immediately broke up everything and rolled joints, just so whenever I wanted to go smoke - there was no effort involved (only on the front end.)

    It took about an hour to break up an 8th and roll four joints. Maybe I'm a really slow breaker-upper, but it just seemed like a lot of effort for four joints.

    I wonder, what's the benefit of a grinder?

    I also have a bowl - no other toking tools at this time besides rolling a J or my bowl.

    Now, I still have to separate stems and seeds, right? So does a grinder really save any time?

    Is the high improved/altered by grinding in either a joint or a bowl?

    Basically, I'm curious about the pros/cons of a grinder and what the exact use is.
  2. if you have a four compartment grinder, one with a screen and kief catcher then you can collect the kief overtime and get SUPER BLOWN but thats if you grind up dro. with reggie and my grinder i break up the big pieces by hand but get several smallish clumps and it grinds it up nicely and i filter through some of the seeds by hand.

    also if you use a grinder, its easier to roll up a fatty and it burns more evenly and smoothly.
  3. oh and also when you put the ground weed in a bowl its easier to get a cherry going
  4. Kief is -imo- one of the most desirable things about a grinder. But it does burn better ground. I use bowls though so idk about joints. But try to stuff a bowl with hand broke nugs. Smoke it and then break it up super fine like a grinder and see the difference. I would still pick it off the stems because i know a trick to het kief off them. But some cons to a grinder is ... Umm... Well you might lose it ... Or maybe a tooth of it would fall out lol
  5. 2 chamber grinders get your weed chopped pretty nicely. However, I'm a fan of 4 chamber grinders. Doesn't grind it as well, but it gets it good enough, and quickly. The biggest benefit though, as mentioned, is the screen and kief catcher. I lova da kief.

    They also make good containers so you don't have to whip out the bag everytime. Just unscrew it and get to your ground up stash. Always a good investment, just don't get one that's cheap (most of the time plastic, yuck)
  6. hell ya i love the kief also!!!!!!! also a grinder saves time its so much quicker and easier and there is no waste if your gettin dank all the time def get a grinder and check out all the kief you collect its so tasty when its kief from diff nugs that you have grinded up over time..:smoke:
  7. one thing i've heard though is not to grind your weed all at once unless your planning on smoking it all that day because if you let it sit for an extended period of time ground up it can lose potency..not sure if thats true or not though
  8. ^^^^^^ i only grind up a couple small nugs at a time never leave any leftover in my grinder....

  9. Ugh No.
  10. Should have stated that I don't put my whole stash in there. I have a little 2.5" grinder, so I grind up a little nug or two and leave it in there. I don't notice a difference in potency and it's nice to carry around for a day or two instead of a bag of nugs.
  11. lol no what?
  12. You said theirs no waste your losing a decent amount of kief from a grinder, granted you'd lose some by breaking it up with your hands or a scissor but you'll lose way more from a grinder.

    Thats why I said no.
  13. you may loose kief off your bud but its still being collected in your grinder so you still have it...but if your using your fingers or scissors you would lose all that kief that you can collect in a grinder.....:smoke:
  14. I smoke mids generally, just because I'm a poor college kid - does this alter the use/necessity of a grinder?

    And could someone better explain what the kief is?
  15. Thats true but your losing potency on the bud your smoking in that instance, hence a waste. :smoke:

    And when your using a grinder you get kief everywhere in the grinder and you really dont collect that much kief at all compared to a trusty kief box. Your also just destroying the weed.
  16. kief is the crystals on the buds and the screen in a grinder helps sift the grounded up bub and it falls into a bottom chamber were its stored untill you wanna sprinkle it on top of a bowl:smoke:....mids work to it will just take a little more time to collect some kief but its well worth the waait..
  17. you may loose some potency but im sure its not that big of a difference eh it dont get that messy if it does just make some qwiso hash...and i agree if your going for just kief a kief box would be best...:D

  18. Yayyy :smoke:
    and disregard the rest yayyyy:smoke: haha
  19. I love my grinder lol. I use it just becuase it's easier and quicker for me. The keif collector is dope so yea. Personally it's a must. I always have it on me. Well I have a little "on the go bag" that has my papers, a bit of my bud, box of swishers, grinder and scale lol. Prolly not smart if I get pulled over but I risk it cus I never hot box my car, etc so my car smells nothing like weed lol. Knock on wood though, don't want to end up getting searched tomorrow haha
  20. Kief. It's faster.

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