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  1. I know this has nothing to do with marijuana, but if i took enough benedryl or smoked and then took enough benedryl would it get me more messed up? or wouldnt it do anything?
  2. Dude, I don't know about anyone else, but that shit knocks me out and feel miserably tired. I have allergies and it seems to be the only thing that works for me, but I'd rather deal with being allergic to my cat than feel drowsy and spacey retarded all day.
    It'll mess you up, but I personally don't like the feeling it gives me. Too spacey for me~ I'm already a borderline space cadet :)
  3. I wouldn't if i were you. I work in a chemists and have often heard the pharmacist say- "now don't take too many of these (Benadryl) cos it'll fuck you over" (artistic licence used there, obviously).
  4. yeah i suspect if you took enough you would just fall asleep. If you are looking for a legal high kinda trip go with the blue robotussin (or generic equivilent)

    get the kind with only DXM as the active ingredient, no guaf, or anything else.
  5. try some nutmeg i heard that shit fucks you up real nice if you eat enough... I forget how much tho, check for the dosage
  6. I dont have any benedryl on me right now, but Im pretty sure it has acetomeniphen in it, which will will kill you(through liver failure) before you got any sort of buzz. As for nutmeg, the dosage is between 5-20g depending on how fucked up you want to get. But I wouldnt recommend it because it only rarely produces anything more than a drowsy/drunk feeling but its followed by multple muscle cramps, joint pains, and a severe 24-48 hour hangover....Nutmeg is sort of one of those last resort substances, it tastes like shit and only slightly buzzes you(atleast the crappy nutmeg you buy off the spice rack). Inmates in prison are the largest percentage of nutmeg users, because of its easy obtainability, but even they try to stay away from it.

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