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  1. Whats up guys, I had a few 'extra' plants and i decided to bend them to see how theyd come out ( seemed like a cool idea). Should I expect the plant to get just as big, only horizontally? Im trying to plan an outdoor spot for em and I was just curious.

    I also transplanted a few outside the other day and some pest already snapped one in half, tried to prop her back up but im prettys ure shes a gonner. I can use chicken wire cuz itll be too obvious, would tieing fishing line around the area help?

    Seeds:sweet blue
  2. Yes Bending is the only way to go, just keep tieing them down, every branch you get a chance to bend you should, by the end of it all your plants will be tree's and you probably wont be able to see the massive trunk until after you harvest it. Its my personal opinion from experience LST, or any Training(Bending), promotes all sorts of bud sites that in most strains would never happen(except for some indica varieites that grow like bush's). And for protecting them just put some other plants around them, or mounds of dirt, just be creative...Id personally use a fence, but this is not always possible... And keep them in pots, dig a hole, put them in the ground incase you decide to move them for whatever reason(usualy animals messing with your plants...

    Anyways Good Luck!
  3. thanks man

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