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  1. Whats up guys,
    does bending a plant to it grows horizontally stunt growth or anything? Im nto sure how big I should expect this thing to get like that. Any info would be great
  2. Some say you need to defiolate them a lot when you bend them horizontally, and that they get full light from HPS and MH.
    Dut to the fact that photons out of these lamps will go straight down, the plants should take a lot more light (they are not going all ways by rebounds on leaves) and the buds will not be covered by the shadows of leaves.

    The CFLs seem to splash photons in every ways so they are less appropriate in this method, unless you put a reflector over them, and that you have reflectors too on the side of your field.

    Of course, there are no lower buds in this kind of methods so they should all get the same weight or so.

    But that's from my readings, not experience.


  3. Yeah these are the plants, there actually going outdoors :p DSCF0149.jpg

  4. ive got mine growing under cfls and theyre trained. stems are big and plants have a lot of side growth.
  5. It will slow growth just a little. Lots of growers do this because it also helps light reach lower parts of the plant creating more and hopefully larger bud sites.
  6. todders got it. it also makes it easier for cfl growers because instead of moving all the lights frequently, you can train, and move occasionally.
  7. Bending the plant is the most genious Idea ever created for anyone who cares about yield indoors or outdoors. :D
  8. I agree, training rules! Once a person plays around with a plant and sees how resiliant it is, training becomes fun!
  9. the question i have though is that if it grows 5-6 feet vertically will it grow that much horizontally
  10. Unless you constantly tie it down it will always try to go towards the sky. In theory yes it could get to 5 feet horizontally. But I doubt it. Give it a try. Let us know how it goes. Post pics too. Have fun.
  11. Im thinking of coiling these as they grow larger, is that stupid idea? They might get a little less sunlight, but im strapped for space and its less conspicuous. Your thoughts??
  12. No. Whatever you need to do to fit it in your space.
  13. yeah itll probably hinder growth but I might be ok with that, as you can see from the pictures above the plants are connected in the same pots right now, I might keep em real close to conserve space... while theyll both compete for sunlight, hopefully itll make them grow larger to compete :p
  14. If you have space restrictions i would not bend them too much as they will grow huge around. So what im saying is if you have lots of height dont tie them down cause they will grow outwards alot as apposed to up, but like todderfran said it will keep reaching up for light no matter what(This includes all branches)
  15. Here are a few more pics... so as they start to grow back up, do i just keep bending it down? it seems like thats going to create a lot of "elbows" in it DSCF0151.jpg
  16. Itwill only have an elbow up by all the new growth. Should straiten itself out.
  17. they look pretty healthy right?
  18. Yeah and since you started bending them so early you are ahead of the game
  19. awesome.... is there any length i should avoid making them stretch to? Could they fall from their own weight?...I think im going to start coiling them soon
  20. Eventually when they get enough bud weight you will have to tie them up so they don't fall to the floor. Just play it by ear you will figure it out. Just takes some experience to really guess what they will do. Each strain responds defferently you know.

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