bending plant?

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  1. Just a quick question, do you get higher yeilds when you bend the plant?
    what are the pros & cons?
  2. I dont think that you get higher yields but i do know that it strenghens the stem for the buds to come so that they dont break off or bend to much and touch the ground and get pot rot!
  3. What is the proper way to bend the plant? When is it useful?
  4. yes, you will get higher yields if done properly. The point of bending the plant is to get sunlight to the side growths that never got light before (or very little light) this causes all the side growths to grow upward....It pretty much gives all the potential growths more light which makes them bigger and better ya know....if your bending during flowering, just try and move leaves and squeeze/bend some leaves (supercrop) them out of the way of budsites so that they get more light and get bigger. so yes, bending=more light and more light=higher yield. peace brotha
  5. Slowly bend the cola in the direction you would like it to grow. bend and release, bend and release,ect... slowly lower and lower. It's ok if you hear a snap and have something ready to tie it up after bending. sometimes it takes a week for it to hold itself up by itself.

    Kind of scary the first few times you do it but don't worry it will be fine. :eek:

    I guess outdoor growers would do it if the plant gets too tall and may be visable to others. It's better than topping that's fo sho.

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    You do indeed get better yields, every branch tries to be the main cola. You can see that in this lady here, I got just over a pound of dried/cured off of her.
    I bend her over by the high tech method of tying the top to a lump of concrete.


    To regular readers, I apologise for repeatedly posting this pic, but we do keep getting asked the same question.
  7. I think it depends on the strain. Some do better growing as one main cola?:confused:
  8. You think so? In my pic above you can clearly see 20 branches trying to be the main cola. I don´t think that trait is confined to white widow, which that girl is.
    But many people post without being able to apparently see or read the other posts that have been made.
  9. naw man cantharis is definitely right....when you bend the plant you will definitely get a higher yield....and i am pretty convinced that this goes for EVERY cantharis said, all the side growths are competing and all trying to be the main cola....this will definitely yield higher than 1 main least in my experience all plants ive tied down seemed to produce quite a bit more regardless of strain (bagseed, ww, ak47, snowcap, master kush) they all reacted the same way to it.....they LOVE it
  10. Wow, holy fuck. Post more please.

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