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  1. well this is hard for me to do but I'm going to give it a try... I suck at documenting my grows so if I leave something out speak up... I'm very open for advice so spit it out if you want and we'll talk about it...;)

    right now I'm starting 6 Big Blue seeds from HGS... I haven't seen to many people do things the way I do on some parts of my grow and other parts I'm just learning.. I never run out of weed so it gives me time to play with different ways of growing... I Love to try new ways of growing...

    This is where it all starts.. This is MY bubble cloner/seed starter... I control what it does by the water level..

    Starting seeds


    Or Making clones


    Right Now it's starting the Big Blue...












    More to come....;)
  2. Hah...first...:D

  3. 2nds better
    and plants looking good
  4. Alright Bob! I am going for the bronze position up in here :D
  5. Puff,Puff & passes..


    Excuse the dirty hands.. my dad has been in the hospital for a little over a week and I spent the day being "the Good son"...working on his truck... My dad is 78 years old and owns one of the nicest 2008 sierra trucks you have ever seen.. this bitch is sitting on 24's with every option you can get..(My Mom Bought it for him as a gift) Did I work on that?? HeLL No... My dad drives an 83 P.O.S. dodge...... ( Chicken would be proud..)

    I spent the day working on the truck my dad drives....


  6. Buzz...:love:

    This journal just keeps getting better...:D

  7. You're All GOLD to me....;)
  8. know you're screwed now right?

    I'm gonna tell everyone to come here and see your grow...:devious:

    I've been waiting for this one for a long time...

    Guess that means it's gonna be my turn sometime too eh?:eek:

  9. You And Yoda... :cool:

    I hear yodas working dirt.. those bucket lids are just a cover...:poke: :p
  10. You've got a journal, yoda re-named his, so I hope he's gonna fire it back up...gonna be a great spring...:cool:
  11. This is a current picture of the bud box...

    there are 4 plants in that box but what you see is predominantly 1 plant... there are 2 ladycane X blueberry and 2 blueBerry X NYCD.. one of the blueLadies is just taking over the whole box.... 90% of what you see in this mess is that one plant...:eek: I wish I could run a clone of this outdoors...


    but this box is going to have major changes before the next round starts...;)
  12. C'mon changes...never...:laughing:

  13. You're an awesome blade ;)
  14. very nice
    i'm subbed.

  15. Looking really good Bender, I want to see how this one turns out..... :smoke:
  16. fricken dirt for me...:p

    looks great bender..
  17. Another hydro guy...:hello:

    Although you still play with dirt, so I'm gonna have to keep my eye on you...:p
  18. If i had the money to invest in all the hydro equipment I'd need, I'd do it in a heartbeat. You can only do so much with dirt....

    Are you sure your not hiding dirt under those bucket lids Yoda.... :laughing:
  19. howdy bob! :wave: thats a very interesting way to get the young ones growin, looks to be working very well:cool:

    anywho im subbed....and you can blame IF :devious:

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