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  1. Anyone have any trip reports or can give me info. on how safe it is?
  2. You don't usually remember much, very realistic hallucinations - can't tell real life from the game your mind is playing on you - not to much fun of a drug IMO.
  3. Its not fun. I used that shit back in middle school to get high. The hallucinations aren't fun cuz you think that they're really there. It's like going insane and you feel hella tired the whole time. Try DXM over benedryl.
  4. Come back when you aren't in 6th grade anymore.

    seriously though, if you had done any research on it you would have already decided that it was a horrible idea to try "tripping" on benadryl.
  5. It sucks. Trust me. It's kinda addictive but it makes you fuckn depressed.
  6. If you want to "trip" get some LSD or Shrooms. DXM is like being drunk and sucks. I have no experience with Benadryl but I hear nothing but bad things about it.
  7. I've done it only once, on a friends reccomendation. Took 475 mgs. About an hour or so later I felt tired physically, and I couldn't see too well due to horrid blurryness. I went downstairs to get water and took forever getting down the stairs because they seemed to be wobbling as if a heatwave. I got the water and made it backupstairs, then realized everything was wavy like the stairs, and had an orange tint. I tried to use the computer but vision was too blurry to read. Damn near no short term memory. I kept seeing weird spiderlike, stringy creatures crawling everywhere, but I found that enjoyable. Then I went to bed.

    I wouldn't suggest it due to the fact I still see those spiderweb creatures crawling on my hands every so often.

    - m. mf. forte
  8. Yeah, I've done it before, and just like the guy above there were black insects everywhere, and objects would be there, but dissapear when I went to reach for them.
    It's almost like I saw the currents in the air, it was pretty interesting. Don't do it, not worth it.
  9. I have done it plenty

    only use it for spiritual purposes and youll be fine

    this aint a drug you fuck around with
  10. It honestly sucks. You get sick and uncomfortable, with a small trip.
    The + are vastly smaller than the negatives.

    Benadryl isn't a good DXM ingestion method.

    If you INSIST on doing it, use Zycam Max.

    They have 2 sized bottles...
    If I remember correctly one contains 500 somthing milligrams and the other is 925mg or something.

    DXM is the only ingrediant and it's between 1oz -1-1/2oz of liquid.
    Very easy.

    But I whole-heartedly discourage you to try it.

    Its one of those things you try twice in middle school and then call yourself an idiot for, for the rest of your life.
  11. woah whats up with all the dipenhydramine threads these days

    Diph has 1 great use in my opinion and that is potentiating the opiate high
  12. [quote name='PhoenixPharmer']It honestly sucks. You get sick and uncomfortable, with a small trip.
    The + are vastly smaller than the negatives.

    Benadryl isn't a good DXM ingestion method.

    Benadryl is diphenhydramine, not DXM. Two very different things. As in a deliriant and a dissociative. Personally, if you think you can deal with not being able to tell what's real and what isn't while some guy climbs the telephone wires outside your windows holding a kitten as your house starts to come to life, then maybe you could do it. I personally enjoyed the trips, but I'm fucked in the head. I wouldn't recommend either, especially not for me, did it too much.
  13. Ive tryed it a couple times and its really nice just to lay in bed, listen to music, and get instantaneous dreams on it. The visuals are really wierd i dunno how to explain them, your judge on distance is fucked, but otherwise its a pretty cool experience once or twice a year. any more than that and youll fuck your stomach and liver over
  14. I took it once when I was in high school and it really fucked me up in a bad way. It was standardized testing day too. I couldn't keep my head up and had to go to the bathroom like 3 times and just sit in there so people wouldn't notice how fucked up i looked.

    Worst trip of my life, just sickness and confusion. The only positive thing that came of it is I decided not to ever try and trip off otc drugs, cause it all sucks.
  15. LOL what kind of spiritual purposes would you take BENADRYL for?
    That's just stupid :rolleyes:
  16. take 80 gas-x youll trip so hard

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