Ben Swann: Liberty Is Rising Truth In Media Project

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    Who is Ben Swann?
    My Passion For Journalism
    Solution:   Liberty Is Rising Truth In Media Project
    Why Kickstarter?
    Why Should I Be A Part Of This?
    I can't speak for GC, but dammit if this doesn't sound awesome.   :hello:

  2. I posted a link to this in the Ben Swann Appreciation thread the day it launched, good idea giving it it's own thread. I haven't contributed yet, but will be soon.
    I did start a thread about it on a forum that I own and got this gem from a member.
  3. Glad to see true jurnalism isn't dead.....Yet.
  4. Real shame that he received such little support. I don't know how kick-starter works but maybe he can manage the episode he makes according to the money he received. Anyway according to his facebook page he is having some event in New Hampshire on July 26. Hopefully he can make it but it would be a hell of a shot to do so.


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