Ben Stein calls Ron Paul anti-semitic

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  1. On Larry King.

    [ame=]YouTube - Ron Paul on Larry King 12/28/2009[/ame]

    So random.
  2. WOOOOOW... anti-semetic?! Jews didnt have anything to do with the disscussion.. that was really weird.
  3. i like how ron paul actually seeks to understand problems entirely rather than using words like "psychos". he was right to say ben stein discredited himself by saying that. it was as if as soon as ron paul pointed out that we are involved in the problem, ben stein had to immediately try to dismiss his entire argument by chalking it up to prejudice.
  4. Until Stein was mocking Ron Paul, he actually had me there for... A minute
  5. What do you mean?

    Like when Ron Paul said the private sector via airline industry should handle airline security, not the government... and then Ben Stein says the government should handle it by paying a private company to do it. lol.
  6. I agree with EVERYTHING Paul has to say. I used to like Ben Stein. Now that I see he is such an uptight jewish prick, I don't like him so much. :)

    Ben Stein made himself look like a fool there. I want to see the next days interview.
  7. Lol that was funny. Chaos on the Larry King Live show.
  8. Paul: "Why are they terrorists?"

    Stein: "They are terrorists and murderers because they're psychos..."

    Paul: "They are terrorists because we are occupiers!"

    BAM! Nail meets heads.

    Then Stein says "No, we are not occupiers," when we have troops in hundreds of countries. I guess when you've got no argument just deny the facts?
  9. You forgot his next phrase where Stein says, "That's the same anti-semetic argument we've heard over and over again."

    Man, I'd like to punch that fat face into the dirt. I have no respect for Ben Stein anymore. Anything he says will be taken as if a four year old said it.
  10. So what, he said something wrong.. he is still a smart guy. I still have respect for the guy(Stein), but he was clearly wrong here.
  11. Eh, we can ignore the character attacks when there is so much to pick apart with his "logic."
  12. In todays media, disagreeing with a Jew is anti-semitism.

    I listen to this guy names Michael Medved on the radio. Big rightwinger. He opens every show with something about how "everyday we say I am not a victim."

    But if someone on his show disagrees with Israeli policy at all, Medved instantly resorts to playing the Anti-semite card.

    It's just the way it is. Any disagreement with Israel, any disagreement with a Jew, you are labelled an anti-semite and instantly discredited. It is not possible to disagree with Israel without being considered a Nazi sympathizer.

  13. QFT!!

    I am glad I am not the only person who notices this. I have nothing against jewish people, but they are THE WORST when it comes to playin the "jew card". I love it when jewish people try to act like they are cool with blacks because they too where once persecuted by "the white man". It's bullshit.

    In all honesty the jews are being smart. A lot of people take their side blindly because they assume a poor lil jew wouldnt do them any harm. HAH! They are just as bad as anyone else!
  14. That is just weird. Ben Stein must be off of his meds or something. That comment had no place in that debate. The cross-talk afterwards was semi-amusing... How is Ron Paul anti-Jewish in any way? Paul regularly gives shout-outs to Murray Rothbard & Ludwig won Mises, both Jewish, as some of his biggest influences.

    What the hell are you talking about? What does Jewish people acting "like they are cool with blacks" because they were "once persecuted by 'the white man'" have to do with the this video? A) I have no idea what the hell you're trying to get at here, b)Does it have anything to do with Ron Paul, Ben Stein, or Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee's comments here ?
    Clearly you had something to get off your chest regarding the Jewish community.
  15. Oh man! that is some great prime-time entertainment. Now why cant Politicians be this entertaining?

    props to RP for asking the simple question.. "Why?"
    And Ben S. for giving us the runofthemill bureaucratic answer.. "because they're psychos."

  16. What smart ideas exactly?

    From what I've seen all he has done is argue for creationism, write speeches for Nixon, and be a figurehead for the financial establishment.... also for the eye-drop industrial complex ;)

    Although I must admit, he had a wonderful cameo in The Mask.

    Haha, as I am typing this I see a commercial for with Ben Stein talking to a squirrel

    August, 2007:

    To summarize, screw Ben Stein and his money

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