Below and Above

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by AresKenux, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. The below statement is true.
    The above statement is false.
  2. That may be so, but they're both lies.
  3. Yang turns into Yin
    Yin turns into Yang,

    Does that mean all of existence can be considered a lie? Hmm, that would make sense, it would also make everything seem pointless. Which it does. Meh, Everything is a lie. But you know what is said.

    "If the world we are forced to accept is false, then everything is possible."

    So I guess there is a positive side.
  4. When I said what I said I didn't mean it in that context but you make an interesting point. When I look at the world predominantly all I see is lies. I took a good long look at what I was striving for (The American Dream) and realized that it's nothing but a nightmare. All this so called dream does is fill your life with trivial bullshit before you die. A sure way for an empty life, and a miserable death if you ask me. Once I realized that I realized the lie in the world in which I live. Once I realized the lie I also realized how to attain the truth. I guess you could say my Yin became my Yang.

    Physically I'm not much further along now than when my dream was American, but spiritually I'm lightyears away from where I was and still going strong. I recognize life is a stalking game, find your prey (ultimate goal), bide your time (patience), strike when the moment is right (opportunity), and make the biggest impact you possibly can (action/reward). I believe that if you live along these guidelines you can eventually find a beautiful death.
  5. Well said, I like what you say. + rep
  6. To realize the true, all one must do is negate the false.

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