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  1. Does anyone on the city have any experience with these? I cant find any information on them right now, a little baked.:D
    Comments, thoughts?
  2. Well Belladonna is a species of Datura and I would STRONGLY advise against even thinking about using it... As for Phenobarbital? Barbituates aren't my game
  3. no one uses barbs anymore lol, or just barely xD

  4. thats what i thought, its just i got to see a shit ton right in front of me and I was completely blown away by the combination into a pill. Just thought it was interesting and if anyone has ever had one. all i know about Phenobarbital besides its a barb. is that those dudes that robbed that bank in LA in the 90's were jacked up on it and survived some serious gunfire,:eek:lol
  5. Don't use the belladonna, it's in the same class of drugs as dramamine and it gives you the effects the same way, by effectively poisoning your brain to get the high.

    And let me guess, you have fioricet? If you have no tolerance to benzos try 80mg, if you do start at 80mg and dose up every 30-45 minutes until you are where you want.
  6. Mmmmm deadly nightshade....

  7. ^never heard of that, the prescription bottle was just titled the same as my thread title. I really didnt pay attention to what MG they were or anything other than how fuckin many dude had, i seriously was stunned to see a relic like pheno-barbital and so much of it. Dude has some serious problems apparently i dont know, he seems very functional and with it for takin 4 a day plus 5 xanny bars,:eek::eek: was my expression.
  8. Is it 50mg/40mg/100mg(?) caffeine, pheno, tylenol(?)?

    If so it's fiorocet, if it's not mixed then start off around 50-60mg instead of 80mg. That's if you're taking them.

    But I love barbs when I can get my hands on 'em, I like them better than benzos and they're really cheap.
  9. Well these were straight up Belladonna with PhenoBarbital and i would guess they are either 40's or 20's Or maybe 50's like I said dude takes 4 a day on top of 5 bars and he is fine so i dont know how potent they are i jsut know he has at least a years supply if not more,:eek::eek:. Has Anyone been prescribed or have taken it? Also his girlfriend has Ketamine Nosespray,:eek: aint that some shit. Ketamine straight to the dome thru a nosespray, im going to try it next time i go see them. just already hammered tonight,lol.
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    Oh shit, I know what you're talking about then..

    Give me a few mins to look my shit up again and I'll be back with an edit.

    EDIT: It's called Barbidonna(tm), be back in another few mins.
    EDIT 2: It's still got 40mg phenobarbital with 0.6mg belladonna alkaloids, and 0.2mg ergotmine. Hm, looks like a very interesting combo. I'd say start with 60mg (1.5 pills) pheno, and then dose up to 80mg then 120mg if you still have no effects.

    You shouldn't need/use a lot of it because it sounds pretty easy to OD on with the belladonna. Have fun but proceed cautiously.
  11. hell ya they did,but they also had fucking Kevlar,and all sorts of shit protecting them,not to mention they there firepower out gunned the cops,but that all changed later lol.

    anyways when i broke my leg a couple months ago they ejected me with so much barbiturates,that they twisted and shifted my bone back in to place while i was awake!!!with there hands an i broke it in 5 places,i was like half unconscious but still i knew what was going on somewhat,i remember waking up,an the doctor asked me how i feeling.

  12. damn thats pretty roof. i really didnt get a chance to ask dude about what it feels like to be on them but he offered me some i just wont some info on them so i know what to expect. and ruff break dude, once when i was twelve i broke my elbow in two places and its still broke in what spot to this day, its pretty fuckd up lookins,lol.

  13. ?? what you mean??:confused:
  14. Look up at my last post, added some more info for ya.

  15. thanks for the info man, i will probably try and snag one and see how i like it, if its only got that much Belladonna im not to worried i would just like a firsthand account from a fellow blade, eventhough i could just ask dude,lol. it seems to be a very intriguing drug so i was just curious of the effects compared to say a xanny bar or whatever is a good contrast.
  16. I've had pheno before, but only in fioricet.

    200mg had me feeling pretty drunk and fucked up for a while, like mixing xanax and 5-6 shots of vodka (for me anyways, high tolerance).

    Just start your dose low and go up every 30mins until you find where you want to be. :smoking:

  17. so they laid backed whiskey drunk relaxtion feelin, with some benzos. i guess ill have to get a couple then. if they are similar:D+rep for your quick help
  18. Not a problem man, drugs are my specialty :D
  19. bump just in case youll daytime blades didnt see this
  20. barbs are nice everyonce in a while..

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