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  1. If this is wrong I hope Taoists (proper ones not like me- the newcommer who is still trying to find out about this)

    The main philiosophy behind Taoism (pronounced Da-wisem)is that everything has its own nature and its own way (Tao- Da-o- meaning the way or the nature) and it is when we try to hard or go against that nature generally we end up making a mess of things- this for me is the main principle of Taoism. Wu Wei is derrived from this. Wu Wei is letting things happen without trying too hard- going with the way and letting it go how it needs to.

    To answer your question (as I have not really done a good job in the last paragraph) Taoism is not really what I personally would call a religion, it's more of a philosophy. Taoism, for me, is not a religion that beleives in anything much- that would take too much effort [​IMG]. I think it is more of a freeform way of living- as with most things. It is what you make it and Taoism does not have a stance on things- the individual Taoist does.

    Second the whole knowledge thing. Generally Taoists think it should be knowledge if it is for a purpose or interest/curiosity and not for the sake or being knowledgeable. Cleverness- trying to solve problems in complex ways all the time is another thing that Taoism seems generally to, not reject but not really be in tune to.

    To put it another way:

    "Cleverness tries to figure out a way to put the square peg into the round hole and the round peg into the square hole.

    Knowledge tries to find out why the round peg will not fit in the square hole and the square peg will not fit into the round hole.

    Taoism just does it. It puts the round peg into the round hole and the square peg into the square hole."

    - that was my badly quoted benjamin hoff exerpt (but it did the job and I did not want to try to hard to be accurate thehehehe).

    I would reccomend "The Tao of Pooh" by Benjamin Hoff. ISBN#: 0-416-19526-1

    It uses winnie the pooh books to talk about Taoism. It may sound like it's not the best example in the world but:

    "'(Winnie the Pooh)'s not about Taoism,' he said.
    'Oh yes it is,' I said.
    'No, it's not,' he said.
    'What do you think it's about?' I said.
    'It's about this dumpy little bear that wonders around asking silly questions, making up songs, and going through all kinds of adventures, without ever accumulating any major amount of intillectual knowledger or loosing his simple minded happiness. That's what it's about,' he said.
    'Same thing,' I said."


    Switch out.
  2. Mullei Mullei- it may interest you to know that that is, in fact the cross of St Peter- who was crucified upside down as he saw himself as unfit to die like jesus- not- as dumbshit satanists or goth schoolkids (same thing) think- a mockery of god and jesus- it's quite the opposite.
  3. Just read all this thread, well have to admit scrimed a few long ones though :-/

    Now this is the type of shit that makes me think that life is a bunch of bull shit. I saw this movie of some taliban training shit were they like kill theirselfs as a test or something to show loyalty or whatever, got from KaZaA. Like this one dude high up on a cliff, there like a diving board I think, well just a board sticking off. He walks to edge, cracks his neck(not to death just normal crack, left to right, like cracking knuckles), then he jumps, and BOOM he hits the ground, its pretty funny, lol, but like he goes so without saying shit! It crazy.

    I don't really give a fuck, I am kind of like that. That world is so fucked up and there is a bunch of bull shit in it. There really isn't a point.

    And no I am not suicidal and crying and stuff like that as I am saying this, lol. I promise I won't go slit my wrists after.

    But like all these religions, wtf! Too many, too confusing, therefor NONE can be correct, they all get changed over the year. Like that telephone game, you say something and it changes down the line of people in a circle or whatever.

    Your following fake bull shit and that pisses me off. I had to tell my parents I worshipped Tupac to get out of church. My parents swear every once in a while and I hear them say: "GOD DAMNIT" when something happens, like they knock something down. And they go to church every sunday, im like wtf! Damn man my dad even plays guitar up in the front with the music team for crying out loud.

    Im going to live life as it is, not wasts time in the bull shit. And no offense to Catholics, hey I love the girls, horney bitchs, but that confusing bullshit, that is just stupid. It just a religion to take your money, get them rich, they brian-wash you, and you confuss all your stuff to try to make you feel better.

    That all church is, is to make your mind believe your getting rid of your sins. That's their way of taking responsibility, is giving them to "god" releasing them.

    Well I am going to live life as it is and if "god" comes, or talks, or whatever then I will be smoking a joint and go "shit man, your real! sweet" lol...Or if like in the bible where this dude deny's him after seeing and I do that then whatever, I still won't really give a fuck. But I know there is NOT a freakin hell.

    Ok why in the fuck would "the devil" burn you and punish you, ARE YOU FUCKIN KIDDIN ME??!!?!?!?! The devil should be sucking your dick because he should be throwing your a party for not following god and for causing trouble. Am I right?

    It just to scare you into being good, follow laws, think your getting forgived so there are not all these depressed people for every lil thign you do. It's good for some people I guess... And to make others rich.

    My church is adding 5+ million into it within the next like 3 years in constuction. Its kind cool cause they making a bad ass basketball gym and all, lol that only reason I would ever go, to shoot some hoops :)

    damn parents walk in and I forget all my ideas, guess its long enough so I will think of them later, after I get high

  4. That does interest me switch! I didn't know that...

    That slide show was pretty over the top, I read bits and pieces ages ago. I still found it interesting, the history of the church etc. Hows the music playing?!! I had to turn my speakers down!

    So why was St Peter crucified??
  5. OMG!!!! That is some freaky ass shit man, EVERYTHING that cocamob said was EXACTLY what I was gonna say. Hmmm I swear I have seen some of these posts before. Am I physcic, sometimes I am but this no fuckin way hmmm. Maybe that was me! Tryed account name but my pw didnt work so no idea.

    Well life is pointless, I honestly think it is most likely just nothing. I liked the posts from phil, they were right on and interesting. Hearing all these meditation traveling stuff is just crazy. I belive yall though. I think humans can do ANYTHING in the world. You just need to smoke up some herb and open up your mind more and try to use more of it. All these "crazy" people that have these like powers, like that one thing that moves stuff with mind and all. THAT IS ALL ENERGY. So something with energy and mind or whatever...

    There is SO much shit that is out there we don't know, or did know but is covered up. With all these god damn(no offense!) cover up agency's out there this world sucks ass. LOTS of shit found out is covered up and denied and people killed to cover evidence. WAY to many "suspecious deaths" with people that live secret lives to where there relatives never knew what they were doing, then they here he is dead or missing.

    All these tests they do, even on people un-aware and shit pisses me off. And Area 51, that HUGH ass restricted area. Damn man I am dying to see wtf they got there, how can they block it off, that isnt right! Says you will be shot(or could be) shot if you enter. So that keeps basically everyone out. BUT I auctually think that if you got the balls to fuckin walk in there they won't kill ya, they will hire you. How else do they get these top secret people. If ya got the balls to risk being shot then I think your interested enough to be a good person to help learn and study.

    Well there is tons of shit in life that is covered up and not understood and all this bull shit, it makes me live life as it is now, not before, not later, just now. Not sure if this is crazy but I am at the point where like those taliban people I think I could just jump without saying a word not giving a shit, though I dont have a reason too, besides everythign is fucked up! Shooting up a school is really bad I think, though I don't cry or give a shit about most things now since I have read all this stuff saying life is bull shit.
  6. God IS ALIVE> GOD IS REAL. if you feel alone he's there to comfort you. If you need a friend he'll listen. I talk to him all the time! It's amazing what God can do for you. All you've got to do is ask him to live in your heart and he will.

  7. idk man.... that sounds more like Pookah u been speaking to. lol.
  8. The truth to all afterlife is easy to understand, once you realize that one day we will have developed supercomputers sufficient enough to create a simulation of mankind, and the God of that mankind made of individual artificial intelligence will simply be the programmer who wrote that piece of individual code.

    Then in that simulation at one point those people will have developed their own artificial intelligence and will run a simulation in a simulation. Once you realize this stage in the future, it's a strong possibility that we are a computer simulation. And the infinite parallels of universe stacked on each other would all have gateways between them, the supercomputers which holds universes upon universes inside their memory.

    On a different note, vaporizing is awesome. I'm pretty ripped, all i had was a 0.1 !

  9. Interesting approximation of human existence through technological metaphor. :)
  10. I was raised as a christian as well as my older brother. As he grew older he I noticed he wasn't for it as much. I myself am on treading water with the religion I accept but, have found my prayers answered [please dont flame] For example: Last night I said the longest prayed I have ever said and I asked god for my forgiveness and that he not send my brother to jail today when he went to probation. My brother was supposed to have a drug test today at noon and we smoked a joint like two days ago. Let's just say he's home safe with no worries. It's time's like this that make me think there is some superior.

    A few interesting facts:

    Christianity has between 1.5 billion and 2.1 billion adherents, representing about a quarter of the world's population.It is the state religion of at least sixteen countries.

    In the Modern Era, Christianity was confronted with various forms of skepticism and with certain modern political ideologies such as liberalism, nationalism, and socialism. This included the anti-clericalism of the French Revolution, the Spanish Civil War, and general hostility of Marxist movements, especially the Russian Revolution.
    Christian commitments in Europe dropped as modernity and secularism came into their own in Western Europe, while religious commitments in America have been generally high in comparison to Western Europe. The late 20th Century has shown the shift of Christian adherents to the 3rd World and southern hemisphere in general, with Western Civilization no longer the chief standard bearer of Christianity.
  11. Now there I was wondering who had rehashed a six year old thread only to find out that the culprit was.....digit?! :eek:
  12. not to be racist or anything, but could it be that europeans created what we would call "civilization" while black people did not progress at all and just stuck to their tribes and what not in africa, killing things with spears and living in huts while we developed guns and furnished homes? and the only reason blacks are on the same level as europeans now is because they were freed from slavery and allowed the same education system and what not?

    call it racist, i call it truth

    and i think alot of the reason people become atheist is because god never answered their prayers throughout life (i know he aint answered any of mine when i used to pray as a child) but then again god wont give you what you want all the time, but you'll get what you need and whats right, even if that means having the total opposite of your prayer happen, cuz everything happens for a reason

    i dunno, i was listening to a country song today about unanswered prayers being the biggest blessings, n it got me thinkin a lil bit, the song was about how when the guy was younger he prayed for this girl who was his girlfriend and then brokeup with him, and later he metup with her while he was with his wife and found out she and him had totally changed and didnt have much to say to each other, and he realized that his unanswered prayer basically led to him meeting the love of his life, even though at the time he thought the other girl was the love of his life

    i love country music, i wish the singers would write their own god damn songs though, makes it kinda lame, but i just give props to whoever writes the good meaningful songs

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