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  1. After alot of thinking and getting high, I've come to a belief that there is a god, and he wanted to feel something. So he drew together imense erergy which created the big bang, created the universe, and he created intelegent life so that he could live inside of us and feel things, experience eveything. He lives inside of all of us, inside of every living thing ever since life was born from micro-organisms, he lives in bactaria, viruses, frogs, humans, apes, every living thing. I not think that there is a heaven or a hell, I believe that when you die only your spirit lives on, the god inside you. I don't think I can say what happens from there, perhaps that spiritual-god part of you moves on to a new human or anamil that has been born. And you are in a sense 'reincarnated' however, you can't remember your previous life because the memories of that life are simply a decaying brain in another body under the ground.

    Or perhaps you become everything.. like energy? fuck i wish i knew, it bugs me not to know what the truth really is... cuz im sure im probably wrong.
  2. Hey Cappy! Have a question for you in relation to your very last post. Why must you know everything? Maybe the reason there is so much religious BS is because the human mind is not capable of truely understanding GOD.

    Here is something from a book I have been reading:

    1: Be impeciable (sic) with your word.
    **meaning, don't use your words against other people, and don't let their words affect you in such a way, that you begin to hide your true self.

    2: Don't take anything personal.
    ** meaning, stop thinking that everything is about you. If someone acts like an ASS to you, don't automatically assume that it has something to do with YOU.
    (this is a hard one for me to abide by, but I am working on it ;))

    3: Don't make assumptions.
    **and not for the reason many people quote, lol. It means, don't assume the worse, or at least that is the way I think of it, in order to help me with the second.

    4: Always do your best.
    ** and know that your best will change depending on "how" you are doing. When you are sick, you best will not be the same as when you are well, so don't beat yourself up over it.

    These four little, common sense statements have helped in every aspect of my life. You should check out Don Miguel Ruiz's book "The Four Agreements" if you are interested in learning more, or you can ask me, although I only just began reading the book a week ago.

  3. You basically described Taoism, sort of. Where God representing Tao.
  4. Is there a God? No. Just replace God with Hope and we'll talk. Isn't what some people call God just a projection of all our fears and hopes? To be left alone with all those questions... no explanation for so many things surrounding us day by day... Those who are desperate for answers might turn to a religion for relief, but those who can simply accept that they can't explain everything don't need a religion at all, no God, nothing. Stay curious, but don't make up something like a surperior force, I'd say.
    Just accept, that we only remotely understand where we come from and how the universe is put together. It's just beyond our capabilities to even detect the necessary information simply because we don't know what we're looking for due to our restricted senses. Being a natural scientist myself (physical chemistry), I know that we can widen those detection limits a little by various methods, but that's it, it's really just a little. And almost everything else is based on models some guys came up with in the past. Schrödinger came up with THE fundamental equation which formed the base for quantum mechanics in the mid 20s (I think). It's not much more than E(Phi) = H (Phi). In it's simplicity as beautiful as Einstein's. But... totally theoretical. Noone has yet proved it wrong, cause you can't. It's based on theoretical assumptions and if you start questioning these assumptions you have to come up with a new model.

    BTW, anybody interested in Quantum Mechanics should start with the popular 'Schrödinger's cat'-situation. And/or read Douglas Addams.
  5. k, I'm gonna jump back a huge section here

    When Captain cannabis wrote:
    This reminds me of a show called 'beyond human limits' on the discovery channel. There was one incident where a woman had to have surgery on her brain and they surgeons had to surgicaly stop the beating of her heart for 10 hours.. This made her medically 'dead' unable to create dreams, brainwaves, or hallucinations. The surgeons would then medically start the beat of the heart again, to bring her back to life. She reported during the 10 hours that she came out of her body and could see the surgeons working on her, and was able to describe the tools they had used, and actions that went on. She reported other psychodelic experienced, as if she was simply energy, she was everything and nothing. People ask well why didn't she go to heaven, or be reincarnated, or watever.. why was she not going anywhere, just sort of 'hanging around'. My theory is very simple, because that was not destined to happen. The universe new her fate, doctors would ellectically re-start the heart. So she stayed there, hovering above her body, as she awaited her 'shell' to be brought back to life. Anyways, thats my theory on the whole post-death experience. Did anyone else see this show? I hope this stuff didn't sound to deep and twisted, I thought this all up when i was stoned.

    ---that hypothosys really got me a bit itchy fingered... so get ready for a keyboard bashing! despite the question like tone, this was writen by someone who asumes the existance of god, or at the very least an afterlife. my hypothosys is differant. if there is no possable way of there being any brain activity in the patient, we can look around for other sources of power to transport this information about. And asuming the brainfunctions of the patient we'rent just floating about above the opperation, we could asume that the energy provided by all those present in the room (doctors & nurses) was enough to somehow acheive this. stranger things have been accomplished both in meditation and out. why did the "spirit" not float away, check out whats going on in the other rooms? because the doctors & nurses whom the patients energies were tied to didn't move. My second hypothosis is somewhat similar to that of a "god beleiver's" the patient was capable of sharing energies outside his/her body. This is somethign every human can do. some of us learn to do this at lower levels during meditation and other practices, but as the patient nedded absolutely no energy to run either brain or body, it seemed like the whole consiousness trancended from the body, either into the air and other non living matter or into the surrounding people (back to something like my first hypothosis). from this i have drawn a third theory... trans dimensional mind travel (if you have ever studied Dr Hofmans -(and various other specialists in this area)- work or experienced an LSD trip in an isolation tank you may have some knowledge on this and similar theories). If we conclude (from various scientific theorys, of which chaos being the major) that there are an infinate number of dimensions, then within that infinity there has to be (by the very nature of true infinity) a dimension where the patient was floating in that position in air and perhaps also being opperated upon on the opperating table!

    Sorry if it sounds like i'm putting a scientific theory to things other people simply like to label as spiritual... but... that's what i'm doing. to simply call it spiritual is but ony ONE step beyond saying it's either god's work or the devil!

    ps, i shal now continue to read the rest of this very interesting thread.
    pps Phunkyphil seems to have a good grasp of logic and (from what i've read so far) seems right on the money!
  6. i think one day i'll turn into some kinda taoist hybrid.
  7. Hey, digit! I think we're onto something here. When I was a kid, I used to have frequent 'dreams' where I would leave my body and buzz around the neighborhood, city, region and then start heading straight up as things below got smaller and smaller, when I would wake up gasping for breath and soaked with sweat. I cruised through a new kid's house one night, noting some details as I went. The next day, I pulled the kid aside and gave him a replay as I remembered it, and we were both amazed at the accuracy of my description of things I saw that I never actually had any right to know, since I'd never been in his house before. Considering that we only use a minute portion of our brains anyway, and from what I've read most involuntary travel occurs in the early years, while minds are still fresh and not subjected to the 'noise' of whatever our environment brings to the table. When we are dying, it seems that things are back to the more simplistic, or receptive state that we enjoyed as children. Even as we meditate as adults, we have the ability to create in our minds a stillness and rest like nothing we can achieve through conventional sleep. We can literally create a world to our liking, with sounds, smells and sights all in our minds. Doesn't that make us god-like? Just a thought. Personally, I feel that we're all misplaced royalty, holding court daily in our minds.

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  8. why do we have the socket (but obviously no hole in our skulls) and all the brain connectors for a third eye? and why doesn't it connect to an eye? its cause this is the tool in which we impliment our only TWO WAY sence. yup u all heard me. our "sixth sence" is directly related to that part of our brain and works both ways. we can take information in and we can put information out. but it isn't so much like that. if what i have just described could be called a DC power source (that can be reversed), it really functions as an AC power... not really flowing in any dirrection but just being there.

  9. they believe that there god is black, and that god made blacks the supreme race (hah) -Why would that be funny,I'm not a rasta but who's to say their wrong? I believe that God has no race because he is not in human form but i spirit in all of us.
  10. I worked with this lady who had mastered the art of astral travel. She used to live in Germany and attend parties etc in Australia.

    I met another lady when I was grape picking downsouth, and she used also travel outta her body and talk to her 'guide' who would explain all sorts of things to her. She was a very strange lady. She did spiritual healing on me once, cause I was going through a emotional rough patch. She told me about all my past lives and how I'd been emotionally hurt alot of times and I was carrying it around with me from life to life. As I said she was a out there sort of person!

    I also have a close friend who taught herself to leave her body. Once she was out, she met a Indian 'guide' who taught her how to move about. She said it was really hard to steer herself. She went down to the local primary school a few blocks from her house and came across this group of people who seemed to be having some kind of meeting. She said they looked kinda pissed that she was running a muck all over the joint.

    Lots of werid stories out there, just have to come across such people. But one thing they all mentioned was that it wasn't to be messed with, that there are bad things out there, evil things.

    For example the lady who used to live in Germany, said she normally went straight out the window and across. BUT one time she went straight up and hit this huge spider web, she got tangled, the more she moved the more tangled she became. She said it scared the hell out of her.

    The stange grape picking lady said a spirit jumped into her body while she was out, but when she returned her spirit pushed the other out as it was her body and she had more rights to it. Fuck that....

    My friend with the Indian guide said she saw this old lady pushing a shopping trolly full of junk along the side walk, when she got closer, the old lady turned her head and it wasn't human but a monster looking thing, ugly as hell. It scared her and she never travelled again.

    So my conclusion is to give the whole astral travel, outta body experiences a BIG miss. It is obviuosly possible, but a world or dimension we don't know alot about. Whose to say these 'guides' people meet are as evil as the old women. Bad spirits out to delude you. You never know...I guess.

    I noticed at the site that Amanita told us about, was full of stories where people had met there guides or trying to contact them etc. Some people had up to 5 spirits with them everyday, everywhere they went. I have no doubt the spiritual realm doubts are in the spirits people talk too, as it is possible they are not what they seem or portray themselves as. The bible says we should test the spirits and from their fruits we will know them.

    OK I will shutup now.....sorry to dribble so much crap, but this subject always fascinates me.
  11. that whole astral travel thing sounds like it MAY be linked closely to the new generation of computers we may see in the next few years. quantum computers. computers that use the power of trans dimensional data. could be dangerous if u ask me... even just to make the prototype.
  12. dude, youve got your religions messed up...i was raised mormon so i have a pretty good understanding of mormon stuff. i dont really agree with mormons about everything nowadays tho.
    you were describing jehovas witnesses. i knew one once, a strange folk they are. i remember for his birthday his mom made him some kool-aide. sucks to be him.

  13. I KNEW IT! Im not the only one on this board that has oobe's (aka astral projections) I love them! I can go anywhere i want, haha, doesnt it rule.

    As for the religion stuff, believe in whatever you want and it will be true. If you believe in Christianity, you will go to heaven. If your buddist, when you die you will go to a land with 72 virgins. Its all true and corresponds. I know, my god told me about it while me and a friend of mine smoked. Dont laugh, i am telling the truth. This is all possible because of different dimentions (if your weak minded, run while you still can).

    Einstien was a believer in black holes and he knew that while passing through them it could send you into a different time and space...He was well ahead of his time. Using this knowledge i will explain one of the most desired pieces of knowledge ever known.

    Everyone has a spirit, it doesnt matter the religion, our bodies are just vehicles for our spirits on this land. When you die, your spirit is allowed to enter the black hole located at the edge of our current galaxy. This portal, even as powerful as it is, will bend to your spirits will and send you to the heaven/hell associated with your religion. NEVER DO THIS IN AN OOBE!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

    Now, just let it all soak in with a good ol smoke...
  14. Wow all you people know soo much and have such interesting concepts.. Now how can anyone say weed is bad look at you people your like god damn scientists..

    and dude that shit about whatever you believe in will happen, naw that just doesn't fly man.. i dunno man

    haaha heres some good literature for you christians out there:

    "lol, wouldnt that be funny, you go to confession at church and your telling the priest all the bad things youve done all the sudden hes "like oooooh yeah! your a bad boy! here you want jesus to forgive you? " *suddenly the preist's penis comes poking through the curtain* and hes says aaaaaaaaah you bad boy, jesus has told me you can be forgivin just kiss this, its like kissing the warmth of jesus! har har har"
  15. I came across this spun out site about the's a spun out theory, and I have to admit it hadn't crossed my mind before.

    Have a smoke and cruise through the slide show at this link;

    Anyone who is a strong Catholic may be affended by this site.
  16. hey unknown... is that really what u beleive about black holes?

    so are we talking about the super massives or the ones from stars gone supernova? and what bit do you have to pass through? the singularity? and u beleive that will take u where? regardless of religion? i don't thinkso.

    u speak as if there is only one black hole in our galaxy! hah! dude, if black holes do exist theres loads more and not only at the edges of galaxies but in them too, and scattered all over the place.. for al we know the huge gaps in space between our galaxy and the next could be completely littered with black holes. the existance of black holes goes part way to explaining some of the previously unexplained movements of stars within our galaxy.

    my theory on black holes is that they are like the matter/energy vacuum cleaners of space. its all part of the big recycling process that has to occur in our cyclic universe

    (or multiverse, but i havn't quite figured out how we could have a cyclic multiverse... its a somewhat more complex veiw of whats going on... the edges of our 'universe become blurred with the next with that theory, which is a very unscientific explanation of the flaws in the two theorys combining to create the cyclic-multiverse)
  17. Latching onto the notion of spiritual guides for a moment...I had a reading done AND recorded on cassette by a well-known parapsychologist from U of I in Iowa City many years ago. His 'aspect' talked to me about many different things that only someone intimately familiar with me could've known, like my musical skills and interests, experiences with women, family issues, lifestyle choices and friends, pets, just about everything concerning me and mine...VERY strange and insightful stuff. Scared the hell out of me, and I've never had another since. Just a brush with that part of MY world left me wondering about how close everything really is to us, and how easily the metaphysical gaps can be bridged. Left me with a healthy respect of leaving my interests and explorations as casual as possible, and enhanced my powers of observation exponentially just keeping the possibilities in the back of my mind over the years. Sure adds color and potentials to MY life!
  18. One of the problems people have is that they are gullable.
    the 2nd biggest problem is that people are searching.
    Right there is a problem waiting to happen
    Of course, Muslims are right. Christrians are right. Jews are right. SCIENTOLOGIST's are right. The great thing about the buddhists, Growing up in a Christian or Jewish community as we have (even if we happen not to be Christian or Jewish), it is hard for us, as Westerners, to comprehend the size and openness of the Buddhist Scriptures; potentially, anybody who achieves enlightenment could add to the canon of the Buddhist scriptures, an idea that most of us, with our ideas of a final and fixed body of religious "scripture," would

    The sayings of the Buddha were extracted out of the stories of Buddha's life to form The Dhammapada, which means "the path of dharma." This book consists of 423 sayings of the Buddha, grouped into 26 categories. One must take the title of the book with utmost seriousness; the sayings of the Buddha were not meant to be a fixed, static, unchanging doctrine, but rather a path which anyone can follow.

    So, I think its easy to say that organized religion is corrupt, that dichotomies exist and it's hard to prove that indeed a godhead exists.
    The universe as godhead. The blackman as godhead. The sister as godhead. The menstrual cycle as godhead.
    What came 1st the chicken or the egg? Or better still the ganja or the seed? Someone who DOESNT believe in a higher power PLEASE explain that one to me! I can only find 1 answer!
    Jah made cannabis.
    End of story.. I can NOT gaze upon the beauty and simplicity of a complex living organism that has been around since the beginning of time, that was used to make Jesus, Jesus Christ ie Christos the annointed one, and not thank Jah for his blessed sacred sacrament!




  20. RASTAFARI!!! The Religion of Herbal Healin

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