Believing in Christ feels blasphemous

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  1. Let me explain myself. Even if I wanted to be a good little christian(I have before as some of my posts suggest), I would feel dirty and evil if you will. In my christian days it always felt wierd praying to Jesus, like god didn't appreciate it or something.

    Oh well, if he is really holy I hope when I die he hears my side of the story before sending me down under.

    At least I live in a warm/hot climate so adapting to hell will be relatively easier than those living in cold climates.

    Anyone else feel this way or know what I'm talking about?
  2. No, i dont get it? So are you saying because of your sins your going to hell?
  3. This post made me emo :(
  4. ...........naw man :confused:

    perhaps you should abandon the illogical?
  5. It's cool dude, hell is a paradise. In heaven you'll be serving god 24/7, at least in Hell you'll be able to chill, considering Satan was kicked out of heaven because he thought he could run the world better than god, so it only makes sense that hell is the perfect world satan envisioned, just a little bit hot. Hell is kinda like Florida me and my friends say.
  6. why? All I'm saying is I finally realized how stupid and unnatural christianity(or religion for htat matter) is.
  7. Fuck the idea of religion. You'll go to a thousand hells before you go to christiain hell whether you believe in him or not, because all religions insist they are right. Fuck religion. Fuck christ. Fuck god. Fuck mary too, cause she's got the worst excuse for being pregnant ever. No chick has a baby without gettin knocked up. None of these people existed, but fuck 'em anyway. Even if I did believe in religion I'd wanna go to hell. If you already don't know why, listen to "Hold Ya Head" by Biggie Smalls. And that's my 2 cents.
  8. Agreed. Stop thinking of your death, stop thinking what happens after death.

    In response to sheitson: In the Bible it clearly explained hell. Your statement makes no sense, kindly :D.
    Check out these heart warming passages from the Bible:

    And if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life crippled than with two hands to go to hell, to the unquenchable fire. And if your foot causes you to sin, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life lame than with two feet to be thrown into hell.

    -Mark 9:44

    They will suffer the punishment of eternal destruction, away from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of his might,

    -2 Thessalonians 1:9
  9. comon guys it cant be that bad

    let the sin, begin.
  10. the christian patriarchal god is just one of the many gods worshipped in ancient times..

    its been used as a means to control, nothing truth its dogma has caused way more death and hatred and blood being spilt than any other religion...

    why worship a god that claims to love you but has no problem ''damning'' souls to hell who havent even heard the message of it.

    and what his the bibles excuse for this?? the stars themselves proclaim his glory

    sounds alot like astrology :rolleyes:

    live your life as a good person and you will always be rewarded for your actions, wheather in this life or your next...thats all a god would ever want from its creation
  11. man I remember seeing your posts a few months ago in the political section. I'll say this: glad you came to your senses :)
  12. okay then. would it be silly if a bunch of satanists "spoke with satan" and wrote a holy book describing that hell is paradise and heaven is a big shithole? if so, please explain why.

  13. It all depends on faith. Some people wont believe in things they can not see or touch. I think religion is a touchy subject, so I will stay out of this :(
  14. Threads like these kill the happy-go-lucky feeling.

  15. Okay fair enough. Keep in mind if you would like to share your thoughts I'll be respectful to your opinion. No pressure of course.
  16. joebudsmoker059: Actually sir it is possible. Its called parthenogenesis. It has never happened in humans (that we know) but some species only reproduce this way. It is essentially a virgin birth.

    To everyone else: Wud up!

    I'm Christian and I don't have a problem at all with it... or other religions. The problem with religion is that is that so many religions and individual philosophies in that religion tie one to a single dogmatic view that is based on contextual information tied to times that existed thousand of years ago and texts that were written in Greek and Hebrew (and other) thousands of years ago as well. The meaning of words changes over time as a result of contextual changes in history. For example, one translation for the virgins promised upon a martyr's death in the Koran is also found to possibly mean by modern scholars as raisins. My sister in law is a rabbi and she is full of info on these differences in translation between modern scholars and the dogmatic tradition interpretations. Kinda hard for me to take a fundamentalist approach to religion when it is impossible in modern times to follow the gospel word for word when it probably doesn't even mean what we think it means. One word difference in one passage can change the whole point of any individual gospel. When it comes to the subject of heaven, the gospels can't even agree on who will get in and what the qualifying traits are. Some gospels say only a few who believe in Christ will, other say pretty much everyone will go to heaven no matter what their belief because God's mercy is infinite. As for other religions, just because they think they are right and think I am wrong, and I think that I have a better answer than they doesn't mean I am right and they are wrong or vice versa. I think all religions contain an important part of the truth. Futher, when one investigates mono-theistic religions they all carry the same essential messages of kindness, forgivness, tolerance, love, and piety towards your fellow man and God. I think that's why religions tend to bicker so much. Its like we are all brothers with such similar ideas on God that we can't get along. Like a father and son who have the same personality but a few different ideas who can't stand each other.

    As for your thoughts, Innerpeace, about praying to Jesus and feeling odd about, don't feel bad. I don't pray to Jesus and won't. I pray to God. I never understood the Roman Catholic idea of praying to individual saints. To me that was so close to the commandment of "hold no other god before me" that I can't stomach it. So my view is somewhat different. I'll give you the whole deal right here cause It sounds like you need a little perspective.

    Let's take a couple things and consider them "fact"-for lack of better term.

    1) God is omnipotent: he is in all things at all time in all the univers and is tied to everything.

    2) There is some kind of conscious will in the omnipotence.

    Ok. Now. When it come to Jesus's coming, I look it this way. If you are an omipotent being with unlimited power and knowledge, what do you do when your chosen people still don't listen when you've laid the laws down for them? When the greates prophets somehow get the message wrong and build false systems that are arbitrary but deemed essential by your chosen one who forget the true message. How do you understand what it is to be human? How do you understand the mistakes we make when we know better? You send out a recon unit to figure it out. Thus enters Jesus. A human locked into a mortal body with all the lust and primitive drives and the soul of God. You send him to carry the true message of peace and love towards all men. Jesus is born and his life is a constant struggle. He knows what he is to do but even with a pure soul he still has to fight the nature of being a mortal man. Consider the internal battle. Even before his death he questioned God and his purpose. This says volumes. Even with such perfect knowledge he still struggles with his humanity. When he dies and acsends to heaven, and his soul re0united with God, God understands what it is to be human. He understands that no matter how good our intentions, we are primitive and ignorant no matter how hard we try. We do not have God's power and knowledge and therefor are essentially incapable of being perfect. And so, we are forgiven and granted infinite mercy and patience.

    I go to church as often as I can. I am Lutheran. I took a long time to find my faith in any denomination cause denominations were either so loose on their ideology that they almost didn't have one or they were dictatorial in their belief, or the fundamentalists who couldn't accept anything but text. The Lutheran faith uses education and logic more than any denomination I've found. They accept contextual ideas into their ideology and for the parts they can't , they don't take a position. They are accepting of gays (which even though I am straight and married is important to me because I find the idea of expulsion because of sexual orientation to against the idea of love and mercy) and any other nation, creed, etc. etc. I'm not saying you should believe this, and this is far from a lesson I was taugh anywhere at any church, its just that I spent a lot of time trying to figure it all out and these are some of the things I've come up with. The key, as with all things, is research. Educated yourself on all ends. Read not just the bible, but the other "gospel" that weren't incorporated into the bible. There are several "gospels" over the years that have been discovered and were thought to be written by apostales whose work never made it into the cannon because it was lost to time, or because the church thought the message wasn't appropriate, as well as people who were not apostles but witnesses to Jesus's work. One I would google immediatley when you decide to tackle this is the Gospel of Judas. Judas was the favorite of the desciples. He ended up betraying Jesus to the Romans and as such his name has been tarnished by all the other apostles. However, the recently discovered gospel of Judas, while following the story BEFORE the betrayal follows very closley the other Gospels, paints a very diffent picture where Jesus ordered him to do and shared a bit more of the tru natur of things than Jesus revealed to the others. Jesus also tells Judas what will become of him and how he will be remember for the betrayal but that he must do it.

    Good luck bro and don't give up just because no one has all the truth. There are three sides to every story: yours, mine, and truth. Truth can only be attained by debate, education , and assimilation of others ideas with your own. The more view point we can assimilate into our own greater understanind, the closer we get to understanding that impossibility of perfect truth. And though we will never know the full truth while we live on this planet, the search is what matter most.


  17. Leo Tolstoy had an interesting rendition of Christianity. Many people have a close-minded view of religion (on both side of the spectrum).

  18. That's right. Believers and non-believers alike can be very close minded when it come to their beliefs. They get very defensive. I look at it (and always have) like the movie Dogma. Beliefs are tough because they can't ever change. People die and kill for a belief that may not be true, but they believe. I think it better to have strong ideas and continue to search for better ideas. Ideas can change and grow. Beliefs can not. And when it comes to belief, I also feel (as the movie suggested) that its not as important that you have faith in any given ideology just that you have faith.
  19. good post:smoking:
  20. [ame=""]YouTube - Bizarre - Gospel Weed Song[/ame]

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