Believe it or not using a high is better than using metal halide for veg & high pressure sodium for

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  1. I read about an experiment done where they grew six plants under a 600 w metal halide day6 plants I'm here a 600 watt metal halide for vegetative state in a 600 watt high pressure sodium to flour and then they grew another six on your just high pressure sodium and the results for my mind the lowest yield was the metal halide along the second place was the metal halide HPS combo and surprisingly the highest yield was the straight high pressure sodium so I was a die-hard believer myself in the combo I had used metal how I for my veg flowered with a high pressure sodium for years so I had to try it for myself and I have now been doing straight high pressure sodium for years because it has increase my yield about 20%I know a lot of people don't believe me so you can try it yourself at first I wasn't sure if it was something different so I went back to the combo after three different plant cycles of just high pressure sodium and yes my yields droppedas soon as I did my next cycle with just a high pressure sodium light yields went back up to normal so you can try it maybe the 77 Prince I've grown since reading that article and that was doing seven plant at a time so I've been thinking around with this for a whileand I was super excited when I started to hear about all the LED and stuff and I'll even admit that they do work I've used them but if you are trying to replace a 400 watt high pressure sodium light you need to get at least 800 w LED I don't know why that is but that has been my experience in the experience of every single grower that I know that used LEDs with any success which would the correct LEDs and enough wattage per plant like I said I double the watt per plant ie with high pressure sodium most growers will tell you anywhere from 30 to 50 Watts I myself do 70 watts purple plant with high pressure sodium and I would do no less than a hundred watt LED preferably would do 140 watt per plant I know it sounds like a lot but with LED it seems like the only way to get the same performance out of the plan is to do this again believe me or not it's up to you I promise I'm only trying to help not trying to hurt whatever you use good luck
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  2. That's a load of BS sorry. You are either using garbage LED from 10 years ago or just making shit up.

    BTW. please use punctuation, that was hard to read...
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  3. When comparing LED to MH and HPS, are you using actual watts used or the fake numbers that the LED lighting companies advertise them at?

    I too call BS. Under my current grow, I had to temporarily veg under a 400w HPS for a few weeks , and then switched to 4 QB 120s with a total of 280w, my growth exploded with LEDs using much less wattage. I have yet to flower under the QBs, so I cant compare bud growth yet.
  4. What I have seen with using HPS my self and a buddy growing with his LED set up with the same clones off the same plants is no difference between them at all. Only thing is power consumed. I use a 600w hps, he is running 1200w equivalent LEDs, and until flower there was nothing different. I ran 6 weeks longer veg and he went into flower at that time, yes I will yield more using the HPS at this point due to longer veg times. I've seen many side by side setups doing a MH veg HPS flower and then a total LED veg and flower. The results were about the same. LED have a bit more yield but imo that's due to the more stable environment due to less heat changes overall. If I could afford to change to a full spectrum veg/flower boards I would but the cost of setting that up is way more then dropping 120 bucks every other crop. And I flower under a 4ft t5 4 bulb setup anyway, not the HPS. MH and HPS both run very hot and require more fans and venting. That's my opinion anyway. People will argue this time and time again but when it comes down to it it's the growers personal decision.
  5. Shit I just saw a guys 6x6 room packed with foliage. He was a few weeks into bud and thought things were budding a little small; hooked up the kill-o-watt and discovered he was only drawing about ~440 watts from the wall with the equipment dimmed down.

    Good luck packing a 6x6 with stout plants using a 400 MH.
  6. This couldn’t be more false. Hopefully the mods come and delete this. Posts with misinformation are a cancer to growers everywhere.

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