Belgiums parliament votes through child euthanasia

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  2. good, now they just need to do away with the terminally ill requirement.
  3. It's good to see that there are humane, rational laws like these being enacted. Hopefully, other countries will follow their example and eventually, this will become universal.
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  4. hmm very interesting. wow.
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    and the 'kid' part too...
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    People are upset that a child who is going to die anyway might choose to die without the suffering..
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  7. well, adults already can if theyre terminally ill too there.
  8. Touchy subject.

    Though assisted suicide for the terminally ill, as long as its THEIR choice should not be an issue.

    Live a short life filled with pain and suffering, knowing you will never become an adult, and experience all life has to offer.

    Or humanely end your (arguably) needless pain and suffering.

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