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  1. Some homegrown,
    more pics laterz :)
  2. gonna try it once again :/

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  3. this is my plant , some in/outdoor growing product,
    I estimate yielding time within 3 weeks :)

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  4. the last one I'm bothering u with
    please some comments for a second time grower

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  5. looks pretty good to long's she been flowering about 5-6 weeks?....Peace out....Sid
  6. Looks very nice, it shows that you know what your doing. Thats good that you got the pics to upload too. Keep up the good work.

  7. uhu, the beginning of august

    so 5 - 6 weeks
  8. Hey Dude nice Job;
    Looking at the leaf structure it appears to be Sativa or Sativa dominant. And she is real pretty too. But do u know what some sativas ccan take a while to fully flower..some of the african and mexican strains can take up to 14 do not pick early. And Right On...I luv the grow your own stone mentality..LOL..sorry a bit stoned.

  9. Sativa unknown ;)

    I know, sativa can take some flowering time, but I have to keep my buds away for Budrot :/

    Grtz El_Blunted

  10. My plants are similar but pistilles are slightly going red/brown .Do i cut now?
    lawn mower.

  11. my plants look similar but the pistilles are starting to go red/brown.Do i cut now?
    lawn mower

  12. wait a little,
    marks for cuttin':

    ->many yellow leaves
    ->+/- 75 % of yer pistels turned in red /brown
    ->the plant drinks no water anymore

    grtz El_Cutter
  13. well peepz, about 3/4 of my yielding, I was too stoned to manicure the other part :)

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  14. looks much did she yield??....Peace out....Sid
  15. Well about 120 grams

    grtz El_Funt

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