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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by riahxoxo, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. Yeahhh, I joined months ago and totally forgot to introduce myself.

    Hey everyone, my name is Riah. I'm a 20yr/o Tennessean and there's not really much to me besides the fact that I'm a complete fucking stoner and degenerate.

    I've struggled with crippling mental illness for as long as I can remember, so when I first started using cannabis 2 years ago, it was pretty much inevitable that it became an everyday thing. Now I honestly can't imagine living my life without it.

    When I'm not working in the cannabis industry, I'm either catching up on sleep or cleaning. I'm mostly friendly and I plan to be as active as life allows; anyone is more than welcome to PM with questions, hellos or whatnot. I love good conversation.
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  2. hey there Riah i'm Colin! Welcome to the forum, its a great place to chill! How do you like to smoke !
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  3. Suhh! Welcome aboard. I joined forever ago, and forgot all about my account until I was halfway through growing my first outdoor and went to make an account to ask for help ahahh

    I hear you about it being a big part of your life. I was a very bottled up angry person until I found weed. Now I'm able to actually live my life and react to things semi-rationally rather than just flying off the handle.
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  4. I just...I just like weed.
    Hello, Miss.
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  5. Bongs, usually, but I'll roll a joint every now and again if I'm feeling fancy.
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  6. welcome to GC
  7. I'd prolly NEVER introduce myself..
    But name's win..and yes welcome to...bliss!!!!!!1!
  8. Welcome.
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  9. Welcome

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  10. Welcome, you’ll find a lot of cool folks here. I know the Tenn laws are bad so be careful.
  11. Welcome, I never introduced myself and that was almost 8 years ago now...
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  12. Whats good Riah Ik I already welcomed you on your page lol but I just thought I would do it again. Soooo anyways I hope to see you around a lot on here girl friend much love/respect.

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  13. Belated welcome to the city.
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  14. Welcome!
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  15. I should be welcoming you lol. I got about a year on you...
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