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  1. So I'm sure nobody will admit to it but who has been labeled as ugly before by someone else/multiple people and how does it effect you? Do you think otherwise or not care?

    I have a lazy eye so I know for a fact a lot of of shit has been talked behind my back but only once can I recall being ugly as shit to my face and I have kind of accepted that I'm this way, well about as much as I could. What are you guys experiences?
  2. Sorry, I can't relate.
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  3. People who say things to other people like that are simply trying to hurt the other person. It just means that they are unhappy and unsatisfied with themselves or their own lives and apparently aren't smart enough to deal with issues any other way than by attacking people. They think it makes them powerful or look cute. Honey, God created you just the way you are. Be proud of that. God don't do "ugly." In this world you will run across a lot of people who are just ignorant. We have a couple of generations now reaching or in adulthood who have had absolutely no "raising" or direction while they were growing up. It was all about making money and the kids came in second, third or on down the line. If you're not properly taught how to be a lady or a decent man and brought up in the right way, all you know by nature is how to be an asshole. We have tons of assholes running around today. I promise you are special, a one of a kind creation and a person with any sense at all doesn't look at the outside when deciding about someone else. They look at the heart and whether they have ANY character at all. So don't let the mean spirit of another leave a negative lasting impression on you. We are ALL beautiful!! TWW
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  4. Being broke is far worse than being ugly.. lol.
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  5. Good point. Being broke certainly makes you less attractive to the ladies.
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  6. Although being broke is a more easily relieved condition then being ugly, lol
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  7. You are so awesome thank you :)
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  8. Well I am not broke but not super well off although I'm not even really focused on a girlfriend or anything right now so I don't have to share lol
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  9. Looks is like an asset. Anyone who tells you it doesn't matter is either lying or views the world through very rosy shades. Of course it matters. People confuse "it shouldn't matter" with "it doesn't matter" .

    What looks isn't, is a total measurement of one's value. Stacy may be a perfect 10 but if Stacy is a genuine cunt then no sane person will truly ever plan a life with her past her prime physical age. On the flip side, the awesome wallflower girl who never dressed like the "popular girls" and remained homely, never got anyone to ask her out. The key seems to be achieving some sort of balance in usual.

    Whatever one's shortcomings in the looks department can easily be compensated for or completely negated by positives in other areas where they fare better. This is one of the biggest reasons men have to learn how to be funny or die unfuckable in many circumstances. If the looks aren't there, the Ferrari isn't there, then humor and wit are the only hope that remain.


    This man is basically a fish, but this man had talents he chose to pursue and be good at. At this point he's made more money and had more action than the vast majority of "pretty" people you'll see in your life.
    If you're genuinely down because of your looks either take solid steps to fix the issue and move on with your life, or realize you are more than your looks and focus on excelling in other areas.
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  10. Man, first off, it's a crapshoot, a roll of the dice what you get genetically. And what the fuck can you do.

    It's not entirely the same; my situation was changeable, but I thought I'd share anyways. I was chubby as a young teen (esp. in the years when girls started to become interesting) and had zero confidence in myself, very unfashionable, dorky interests, shy, introverted, that whole schpiel. I walked in behind a friend into a room full of people from my grade and overheard 'Man, [me] is really nasty' from a guy I thought was friendly to me and the room went completely silent as I walked through it, head down and all. It hurt, my mood was deflated for a while, and I still think about it now and then.

    Just to offer some empathy. I turned my situation around; not a luxury afforded to everyone. If there's a guy to talk to - and it's kind of a long shot - but if this is on your mind a lot, especially the lazy eye thing, send a PM to Denny Propokos Denny Prokopos (@dennyprokopos) on Twitter and ask him how he deals with it; he has the same condition. Might have some smarter words for you

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  11. I was once so ugly that everybody died

    The end

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  12. Thanks man I really appreciate you taking the time to reply and everything you said makes perfect sense and yeah my main "secret weapon" would be my humor and sarcastic wit. Don't get me wrong I have had my share of girlfriends some pretty serious and luckily I have experienced stuff like sex and had genuine girls who didn't care or judge me so I have gotten to see the better side of things but I do sometimes teeter on both ends like feeling it doesn't matter to it effects me a lot but all I can do is work on the person I am not what I look like as much as possible
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  13. Sorry about that man but It's awesome you changed your situation and I bet those people would regret how they acted towards you!! Yeah I'm not sure if we have the same exact condition because my eye goes outward instead of in like his seems to do but I'm definitely gonna try to hit him up thanks buddy
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  14. Lol
  15. Nah i'm not ugly but I would never say it about anyone else either.
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  16. I can pick out flaws in anybody because I'm an asshole...but Fuck man everybody talks shit and call names Even if it's not true....Fuck em and move on
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  17. Being ugly basicly means you don't fit the medias projected image of good looking. So no matter what a good and cool person you are, even other ugly people don't want to be with you.

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  18. I wouldn't consider myself ugly, but I don't consider myself above and beyond attractive, either. I feel like a lot of us think we are ugly based on one or two minor details/differences that a majority of people don't notice. I.e. Nose, ears, eyes, mouth, teeth, birthmarks, things of that nature.
    Shit, my ears could catch drift of the wind and I'll end up in India.

    In my down times of feeling really ugly, it helped me strengthen my personality.
    I would date "ugly" or less attractive girls that I wasn't even a smudge nervous or anxious around. It really helped build my confidence and attractive characteristics and ultimately, just being myself..
    Humor, intelligence, wit, etc...
    These things are far more attractive than physical appearance (opinion), and if you make a good impression before they have time to make an impression on your looks, you're golden.

    "The world is in your hands,
    Mine are in the dirt."
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  19. I got called ugly once in grade school by a boy who had just asked me out the day before and was rejected. It hurt then but is actually hilarious now.

    Best advice I was ever given is to remember that instances when you feel low, in the grand scheme of a life fully lived, become insignificant for the most part. I hadn't thought about that kid in years, and have all the confidence in my physical appearance now.

    Beauty is subjective. Many people try to claim it's a science with the golden ratio and all that crap; but the truth is it's subjective. So don't waste your life caring about people's opinions because opinions are mercurial. Cute today, ugly tomorrow, dead the day after that.

    Just live and be happy, dude. Rooting for you.

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  20. I mean I have had girlfriends before so that has never really been a probably but I realize the majority of them won't, whatever though lol
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