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being stoned

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Misty, Nov 15, 2003.

  1. I was wondering, I've been toking for not so long and everytime I try new mj all I become is wacked.
    All I can do is slouch and I feel really heavy.
    That's for the stoned part....
    BUT what about the high? all I feel is stoned with every sort of mj.
    I read about peoples comments on how mj smells and tastes and how the high feels.
    I don't taste or smell anything after toking, and the high....?
    I only get stoned and it depends on the type of mj how much I get stoned.
    I read stories of people how productive they get when high, they think better and be very artistic. Why don't I experience this? If someone can shed some light on this I'd be greatful.
  2. marijuana is categorized into two "types" of weed. one type is labeled indica, which gives the mostly stoned feeling you talk about. true indicas give almost a total body, "couch-lock" stone. the second category is labeled sativa, and a sativa high is mostly in the head. this is the type that makes you more productive or artistic. a lot of the mexican weed floating around out there falls into the sativa category. commercial or better stuff is mostly indica, which is probably why you havent had a sativa high before.

  3. Thanks, this is info I haven't read anywhere.
  4. i've once or twice had weed that was a sativa... mostly though, its the indica ones, and it would be nice to have more stuff that kept me doing stuff rather than spacing out once in a while.. ah well
  5. misty, r u really from the netherlands?
  6. I've actually only had Indica once, and that was my first time. I hate being high and feeling sleepy at the same time.

    I got some Sativa shit recently (ak-47) and omg it feels like im on acid sometimes. My brain activity is unbelieveable, and I hallucinate quite often. I'm really energetic and sometimes when im totally stoned i enjoy feeling myself run!

  7. Why should you doubt that?
  8. Hey it seem like u r inexperienced.This is what I call a stage one smoker. As you read the entries in this forum you wonder why you can't experience all the joy like everyone else. Just keep smoking the rest wil fall into place about a kilo or two later.

    Some tips: soround yourself with good friends, not just any old joe, but good friends you really appreciate. And think happy thoughts.

  9. Sounds like good advice to me, someone also told me to do something creative while high. A friend of mine does special paintings. He spraypaints all sorts of surfaces with every color he's got and than put's some shaped objects on that surface and paints it black. The outcome is very facinating.
    (maybe this is something worth to try just for the fun of it)
  10. what i think is, that if u dont wanna become one of those dumb stoners that they always portrait on tv/movies, read a book or something when ur high to exercise ur mind

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