Being Stoned With Non-Smokers

Discussion in 'General' started by ROOReos, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Alright, so is it a bad thing if I usually get stoned before hanging out with people who I normally don't kick it with? In my opinion, it helps avoid the uncomfortable moments that would most likely occur if I wasn't stoned. Cannabis really helps me socially, because without it, I have an incredibly difficult time talking to people who I hardly know.

    The main reason I ask this is because the girl I was hanging out with is an ex-smoker, and the day after we hung out, she texted me asking why I feel the need to be stoned to hang out with people, and it made me feel pretty bad.

  2. No it's not bad, getting high is like cigarettes, it's just something you do throughout the day if you smoke daily. But non-smokers always seem to look at it the way people look at booze and it's not like that. Sucks. That's why it sucks hangin out with non-smokers sometimes.
  3. I usually get looked down upon. But fuck those guys. I love my bud.
  4. keep doing you homey
  5. I would have told that bitch to suck my cock. :)
  6. I just don't tell them and they don't notice..

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