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Being stoned to deal with society

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Mar 31, 2004.

  1. Does any one here get a little stoned so they can be relaxed when dealing with people?

    I don't get stoned, but on occations, I'll take a hit or two when I know I'm going to be dealing with a asshole type of person..


    This guy owes me 1500.00 dollars and when I go by to collect, I take a hit or two to keep me calm.. Other wise I'd probably tear off his head and shit down his neck..

    Some times it's best to be a lttle high just so you don't loose it..
  2. I hear ya BH. A quick hit or two here and there helps me to deal with everday people as well. I find myself kinda uptight sometimes, but the sweet MJ helps me to remain mellow and deal with people in a better manner.
  3. why ya sober? tryin to get a job?

  4. The money is from a job I did..
    I told this ass hole I was to be paid the day after I was finished.. This is what buisness people put up with on a monthly basis..

  5. She said she couldnt handle herb anymore, its just way to hardcore for her. She was smoking a toke or two of some mexican bud then going crazy for days on end, naked and everything.
    Actually, I think she's out right at the moment. :(
  6. i like takin a toke or 2 before a test , helps me work clear mindedly...(is mindedly a word??)

    me high
  7. Heh, I got stoned for a job interview about a year ago when I was 18 and I got the job because the boss said I had a "laid back personality." Hahaha. But, yeah, I enjoy being in public places or just around total strangers in general when I'm stoned.
  8. I like to take a hit or two from the gravity before each of my classes. I like to smoke before I have a concert, or attend one. I like to smoke in social situations (like parties, crowds). Basically, I guess you could say I smoke just to deal with, well, just to deal.
  9. Amen Sista, definately get stoned to put up with some people and just life in general. Girly I am also sober ( meh ), it feels good and bad. I mean soberness is only good up to a point but being high is like laying on a nice pillow constantly...mmmmmm pillow

  10. the great bud head doesnt smoke? huh? wha? i.. i dont understand
  11. ^doesnt get stoned :when he needs to be relaxed to deal with people, just a little to stay mellow
  12. If you need to be stoned to deal with life, then i'm afraid to say you've got a problem...
  13. then i guess i have a problem...

    sorry to go off topic but i think its weird how if you kill someone, they just go away, and like its bad. they dont want to go away, and u send them away. killing is bad.

    i got some fuckin blazin ass chronic its so awesome.
    im high
    im proud
    the end

  14. You miss understood my words..

    I do get stoned, but I don't get stoned when I have to deal with people..

    I get stoned when I don't have to deal with people...Like right now!!!:D

  15. I don't have to be stoned to deal with life.. I love it just the way it is..

    I just need a couple of hits to to deal with these ass holes who doesn't want to pay me after we agreed on a price and they know when I'm done, they need to pay me...
  16. I would say break his leg if he owed you the money for...umm, "illegal activities", but since its from a job...that wouldnt go over too well. Just threaten to take him to court or something BH.
  17. I say very few of us NEED Mj to get through life, its more of a tool that makes it alot easier.
  18. HIGH All, *LOL* your right Luke it does make life easier.
    Me stoned from the time I get up to the time I go to bed...abuser of marijuana...yup I abuse her every day.

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