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Being stoned feels... creamy

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dr. Jekl, Oct 26, 2002.

  1. Have you ever thought exactly what being stoned feels like? I was pondering this by myself last night as I was moving my arms and just getting crazy visuals that it feels... creamy. Just think about it next time your high!

    peace and happy tokes!
  2. IM HIGH



    I FEEL


  3. my girlfriend once described being stoned with wave like movements of her hands and arms
  4. then you realized she was a deaf mute
  5. fuzzy.. vibrations.. buzzing..
  6. I feel like a Super Mario Bro that has gotten the invinsible star.
  7. i just got ahold of a book which lists many many strains and lists the type of high each one induces-along with much more info- this book kicks ass. which one to pick?? What a dilemma!

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  8. where can you get that book?
  9. fuzzy is a good word..I dunno about creamy though..unless I was at church I suppose. fuzzy, those zzzzzzz's words kinda fit
  10. fuzzy monkey.........

    mmmmmmm *pets the monkey*

  11. I feel like a fluffy white cotton cloud floating through the sky!

  12. i bet you do after that wakey :) lol... igh to me usually feels like a fuzz (at first)... then it grows really strong and i just enjoy the ride! lol
  13. I have two
    Have you ever been so stoned you feel that you are in your own personal movie? And what you say merely lines in the diologoue.
    I agree creamy doesn't do it justice. just a thought...
  14. i feel like a lump of clay being molded when i just lay there and im really stoned

  15. No, comedowns from x feel creamy........being lean is just relaxing...u feel slightly disjointed from everything.
  16. Im pretty baked right now... and it feel like i just won the lottery ...thats how to describe it...

  17. this is soooooo funny....i knowwwww movie mode, and love it...if the jams are on...everything is either a commercial...or a

    i have always felt like i am in a big vat of a thin gel...not thick jello...just a slight resistance to everything...that just feels...thick...

    and if you are with someone...that's when it gets creamy...hehe


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