being stoned and thinking dumb stuff is funny...

Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. hahaha yesterday i was with my buddy and i said "damn im hamfed" and my bud asks whats hamfed and i said HAAMF, high as a mutha fucka. he laughed and then we continued blazing.

    later i said, damn im hamfed as a mutha fucka. so my bud says "hahahah that means your high as a mutha fucka as a mutha fucka" which we both found hilarious!

    hahahah we were talking about being high as motherfuckers as motherfuckers for so long. damn it was good weed too.

    but anyways theres no point to this so ill stop :D
  2. haha, nice :)
  3. Yesterday me and a friend went down into the sewer system...(sounds gross but the tunnels we were in are pretty much brand new...and there's no houses around) and smoked a few bowls. It was great because we were just high enough to think of really dumb shit...and we saw some kind of animal footprints in there and started talking about animals. We got all zoned out on if we lived under there and stuff we'd smoke a ton of weed and the animals would smell it and run in there with us...and we'd send them back above the ground to get us munchie food.

    My friend got really into it and said "Those damn raccoons haven't done SHIT!!!"
    we thought that was funny as hell.
  4. haha... Sweet!
  5. hahaha that sounds like something that my friends and i would say, and precede to giggle like idiots for an hour or so.
  6. lol thats pretty funny
  7. hahaha dude "hamfed" i love it. i love my new words.. ijust never remember them..
  8. Haha you guy's are funny.
    I was at my friends house with my cousin and we spent the night there, And the next morning we were so high and we were all sitting down and I called my cousin "Shit Tooth" because he has a piece of bud in his teeth, We all started geeking it was so funny. And then my friend is like" We all come together like a big Scenery". " Trey is a bird, Im a skunk, Corey is a Shit Tooth, Mike is a turtle and the living room is our forest were we reside at the end of a long day". And i laughed.
  9. Years ago, when me and the crew were newbie stoners, me and my homie were hangin out, walking around the hood smokin weed. We finished it up and went back to my house, and we were in my back yard.

    Well, I had a pug at the time, and I guess she didnt like my friend alot, and she ended up chasing him around in a pretty tight circle, biting him in the ass.

    And hes laughing while hes running around in circles sayin "Dude Ryan, your dog is bitin me in the ass!"

    He was laughing so I didnt think a whole bunch of it, but the next day he showed me his thigh and my dog bit the SHIT outta that kid.

    This whole time that its happening, Im just standing to the side fucking DYING from laughter. EVen today it still makes me laugh :D

    EDIT: aw shit, I got my 4th green dot *****s!
  10. That made me laugh really hard. It sounds like something my friends would say. Good job. I can just picture a stoner getting all upset because the raccoons haven't been contributing. Jeeze....
  11. One time I said they should invent a drink with a straw pre-attached to it. Once I realize what I said, I wanted to die. lol
  12. The funniest dumb thing I thought was hilarious was when I saw a kangaroo with boxing gloves on and knocked out a lady. I couldn't stop laughing blazed

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