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  1. :confused:wat can i put ontop of my dresser that makes noise and so the noise of the air pump can blend in????? does a lava lamp make noise??????
  2. A space heater, a oscillating fan, some sort of novelty lamp that spins or something. anything with a motor should make at least some noise.
  3. dont know what kind of lava lamps you've been hangin around. a fan would prob be best
  4. I second the fan idea, it's probably the easiest. If it's not warm enough to justify that, I guess you could set up a goldfish tank, a bit more hassle, but it certainly explains any pump and bubbling noises. And no, a lava lamp does not make any noise.
  5. Yeah i have a desk fan on my dresser, speed 2 almost completely matches my PC fans in my grow box. I also like it cause it helps circulate the warm air coming out of the box and keep my room cooler so hopefully lower intake temps (I know, wishful thinking ;)).
  6. thanks for yals reply the problem is that the dresser is in my closet and a fan will dum stupid in s closet haha
  7. no you keep the fan out of the closet, in the room
  8. I have this Oreck air purifier right next to my cab and I just turn it up until it blocks the noise of the fans in my box. Also my friend had an idea to get one of those desktop fountain things to cover the noise, which might work for you. or get a air purifier that has adjustable speeds.
  9. ok thanks yea i have a fan by the closet but it doesnt cover the noise wen u close to the box:eek:
  10. I agree with santacruz about air purifier, though the little babbling water fountain is a good idea as well.
  11. wwat do u call them
  12. hey man, just a suggestion, but maybe you should think about the pump itself...put some faom rubber under/around it or something to absorb the vibrations before they hit a hard surface (the floor/dresser whatever)...

    if you really can't get the thing to shut up, I suspend my loud inline fans from bungee cords which absorb almost all of thie vibes before they get to the ceiling...

    maybe see if there's a way to suspend your pump on a nail in the closet or something with a few rubber bands...just throwin it out there...good luck!
  13. put a little 2 gallon fishtank with a filter on top. The noise from the filter will cover up the fan noise, and the splashing of the water explains any noise if you have a hydro setup and it sounds like water. Plus you can blame the "odor" on the fact you forgot to change your fishtank water...and take it as a hint to put more ona block or extra carbon filter... and the higher light bill? Blame it on the fishtank...

    That one will cost you $0.02 :p

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