Being shy and smoking pot

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  1. Okay well im a very shy guy. When it comes to looks im attractive, but I just get shy around the ladies. Pot is the one thing that brings out the smoothness and game inside me. Anyone else think pot does this? Ill be at a party sober just sitting with the homie. Right after I smoke the joint im trying to get the bitches and my conversation flows like butter.
  2. Yeah, I feel really awkard and out of place when i'm sober.
    I can never think of much to talk about either.
  3. Yup. You wanna meet new people and talk about shit when your medicated
  4. Honestly it goes both ways, I've had some of my smoothest moments stoned, and I've been mad awkward blazed. It usually has to do w/ what type of high the weed is giving me.
  5. Once again, marijuana makes everything better.
  6. I'm never "smooth" high. I'm fine around women sober, but if I get high I turn into that awkward kid standing in the corner
  7. I have my moments in the sun and my moments wishing i would have stayed hidden under the rock...both are entertaining none the less
  8. This kind of thing doesn't work for me. I grew up a fat kid so I naturally have self esteem issues, so smoking bud at a party kind of brings that side out in me again, because I over analyze things and say awkward things. It's best to just build up your confidence while you're sober, as you're not always going to be high when that really hot chick starts to talk to you at the store, or wherever.
  9. Sometimes it works.. sometimes it doesnt... but yeah with self esteem issues i've been finding it harder lately and being stoned hasnt helped much either.. whereas in the past it wouldve been different
  10. Dude the complete opposite happens to me, If im high and im arround a girl I find attractive, I become socially incompetent. Litterally, I have trouble saying; "Hey whats up?" I start to over think everyhting I want to say, always coming to the conclusion, that what I have to say, is going to make me sound like an idiot. It sucks.

    When im not high, I generally dont have trouble talking to most girls, but there are some that are harder to talk to. Anyway, needless to say.. I dont smoke weed when im planning on chillen with a hottie.
  11. Yea I dont think at all when im high. Some people think too much when there high. I let my mind do whatever it wants.
  12. Runs like a crocodille being sawed over. Both ways that is.

    It really depends on the moderation and the quality. If i smoke a fine bit, the delicate mixture of being high and slighty stoned, just exact enough to chill and be somewhat consious and creative. If i smoked more, i would just sit and play around with a bottle like a playsick dog or some from that box... Probably wanted to go home and my balls too

    But then again, i've had some of my best times high and beyond. Its hard to blame uncle herb for my mood swingins and constant changing nature, so i'll tell it in another way. Its random
  13. I am the complete opposite. When I smoke & im hanging out with people I get really quiet n just feel weird. I don’t like that at all
  14. Sometimes I become slightly less vocal but kinda feel like I'm the smoothest thing since melted butter.
    It sounds dumb as hell and I probably do look the part, but it's nice to feel confident (or uninhibited by anxiety?) around people without getting fucked up on liquor or something.
  15. For those of you who have anxiety after smoking, try a strain that has some CBD in it! THC's high on it's own is kind of "jangly" and creates anxiety in some folks. The CBD mellows out the THC high!

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    Me? I'm friendly either way, but I talk more when stoned. :GettingStoned:

    Hope that helps!

    Granny :wave:
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