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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Noldster, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. Hey, I've been token up for about 4-6 months now. I keep continuing to think that my dealer is ripping me off. I buy 16th's of nugs for 25, is that bad? They arnt as good as dank tho.

    Edit: By the way, the 16ths he is selling me is a little less then this:
  2. 4-6 months would pretty much make you a newbie :) i feel for you and i respect you at the same time lol let me explain. obviously your dealer knows your new to the game because he sold you an obvious 20 for 25. you could have easily told him youd give him 20. or, you could have asked to inspect the product and came at him with 20 right? handing him a 20. if that didnt work, bluff or walk. which is pretty much the same. now if he comes at you sayin 25 for his product. you could ask for perhaps .5 to 1 gram more. atleast i would. or, you can look at him and figure as i would. he's new to the game to. and he's tryin to make up for where he got burned. again in this case offer him 20. if he says no, believe me their are plenty of people out there who can get you the same for a resonable price. :) my friend, this game works on so many levels. play it or get played :)

    ps looked dank though
  3. dread, that is both good and bad advice.

    to not get hussled, you don't always have to be the hussler, you just have to be informed.

    first off:
    a sixteenth is a weight, not a volume. if you want to make sure you are getting what you are paying for, buy a scale or get your dealer to measure it in front of you.

    25 is not a terrible price for a sixteenth. quite standard in most parts of america.

    never try and bluff a dealer. if you know them well enough, you don't need to bluff. if you don't know them well, and you do bluff, some dealers will call it. they do this day-round and most of the dealers i am around carry a weapon. i personally carry a 6 inch knife.

    DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT ask for more. if you have seen that the bag is light, ask for the bag you paid for. if you get what you paid for, why would you ask for more? be straight with your dealer and he will be straight with you.

    I am not trying to butt heads, i just tend to walk the line of a businessman when i deal. i never eyeball bags. i never short bags. i say my price and don't fluctuate from it. the people who i hook up with more weight are the ones that i don't have to worry about.

    if i had to make one suggestion to every smoker, if you are going to buy dank marijuana, get a digital scale and know your metric.
  4. well, maybe its bad advice if youre the dealer :) see, i hate to admit it, but ive been on both sides of the road. ive also seen the game change quite a few times.

    if youre dealer is not shady, then askin the dealer to be resonable with what he's distributing is not a big deal. in your case it seems to be different. seems to me you fuc with those cats who grind. i dont. we dont need weapons, this is not our way of life.

    it works 2 ways for the dealer, who is ultimately trying to be the business man.

    1, he could be a dick and says price stands. 2, he could respect the fact that he has been getting over on people, and cannot get over on this one, accept the 20 and keep a customer, who will surely remember this guy.

    but then again, my part of the states a 16th equals 15-20 dollars, depending on who you know. so, i say its not unreasonable to ask his dealer to be resonable. for christ sakes he admitted to being a noob. and if you are anything like i was, i prayed on the new. 80 dollar halfs and 130 dollar ozs, ya know what i mean?
  5. as a dealer, i don't fluctuate my price because i never went in with the mentality of trying to fuck someone. i deal straight bags and ask a fair price. if someone wants more for less, i can't do anything for them.

    if everyone deals straight bags, nobody will have to hussle. things will just be a set price. it works out best for everyone.

    in my opinion, noobs shouldn't be prayed on, instead they should be welcomed into the world of smoking.
  6. HIGH All, "sell a bag to a toker and he smokes for one day, teach him to grow and he'll smoke for life".

  7. teach him to grow well and he'll smoke for life and sell ;)

  8. HIGH All, I hope not!!!!

  9. then no.1 would refer to you, not tryin to offend you or anything. but i would test you all the time. if you told me 25.00 id offer you 20. if you said no, i could always walk :)

    and as a dealer, your prices are going to change atleast twice a year.
  10. what my price is changes often, but between re-ups it stays the same. i usually charge my cost /7 for each eighth. that way every time i flip an onion i get a free bag. if i want more, i buy it from myself at price. that way i can always keep the monster going.
  11. see? so you know, and you play the game well :) im glad im out of it and have become self sufficient. but you do understand what im saying and you do know that noobs always get it in the end until they wise up. can you honestly say you havent overpriced a new guy? because i cant.

  12. i can.

    dealers that take the piss dont last long.
    either people stop buyin off them (if there lucky) or its delt with in other ways.
    round here the dealers that give the good deals drive the big cars.
    the dealers that rip people off drive a wheelchair.
  13. big pimpin and wheel chairs? i didnt say anything about rippin anybody off, thats different. overpricing is what we are talkin about. and when i used to do the dirt, ive overpriced here and there. there are always factors, without them shit wouldnt happen. if there is a drought, if you dont know when your uppin again or even if its a friend of a friend. if they want it, youre in a position to get it, fuck it, youre going to make someone pay. i dont mean to call you out, but im thinkin youre fabricating :)

    edited:lying was a bit harsh
  14. i'm not a dealer, but i am working on growing...

    i'm working on growing so that i don't have to deal with a dealer... true, it takes more patience, but it would be worth it...

    you'd know it's pure, and to me, the ideal of smoking something that you put heart into just seems more appealing and satisfying.
  15. i smoke more than i am willing to grow, so i sell to keep my intake where it should be.

    if you can grow and be self sufficient, nobody should stop you.

    i might even start growing tobacco...

    btw, do any of you know how to make paper from hemp stems? ;)
  16. well, you can make paper from hemp really easy, i doubt that you'll be able to make home made paper that's thin enough to make Rollies with... best you'd get with a home made operation for it would be rough and fairly thick sheet... no good for rollies.... if you still want to know, i'll post what i know about it.
  17. Here IN Oz its about the same as the us 20 bucks 1G 50 bucks 3g 90 to 100 quarter 170 half a oz 290 300 full Oz these R street prices some dudes do 10buck bag but not very many. And as far as being jipped yeah ill admit it but hasnt happened 4 a long time and i dont go out of my way 2 jip but if the time ever comes i take advantage. fuck who doesnt?Anyway dudes keep puffin Greentoker

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