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Being Out Of weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MrMunchies, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. well i smoked the rest of my nug today. And im just chilling on the computer and im about to fucking snap lol.I need to smoke bad:mad:

    but thank god im picking up in the morning. Dont you guys have when your out?
  2. i always have weed when im out of weed
  3. I just picked up, ill be good for a week then i have to quit for my court date
  4. Scrape your bowl and clean your grinder, you'll get quite a bit of resin and flaky bits of bud. Roll the resin ball around in the bud, and you've got yourself a treat that will get you high enough until tomorrow :smoke:
  5. Emergency stash man
  6. I can't remember last time I dried out. Might happen soon, as i'm going out of weed and money
  7. I know how you feel man. Besides my friend smoking me out today I'm dry till sunday.
  8. well just picked up:hello: and now im grinding these tasty buds:smoking:
    smells fruity:eek:
  9. Be strong.

    Even when I smoked, I'd strengthen my will by not smoking, despite my weak brain BEGGING for a hit.

    I'm the master of my domain, not my addction.

    But I almost never ran out, I'd simply bought oz of several kinds and kept em in jars.

    IMO, only idiots buy less.

  10. I dont have a job since i lost it:cry: and now im job hunting trying to get a job somewere so i can pick up more
  11. And you're buying weed?

    When I lost my job I had priorities...

    Look not everyone can hold a job, but at least try to?

    I kept telling myself, I don't get to smoke because I'm a loser who can't pay the bills, that motivated me to work harder, appear clean and dressed appropriate, and show up on time everyday so that I don't have to go through that again.

    Expect better of yourself, I was once homeless.
  12. i have just a little big left and i need to sell it for 20 bucks but im smoking some of it lol i might have to pawn some of my shit
  13. It seems more and more clear to me that I need to start growing, and save more money.

  14. Do you not worry about piss tests when applying for jobs?
    I had to stop smoking for a year when I was looking for a job.
  15. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I've been smoking everyday since late 2008 and right now i've been weed free for about 8 days. this is by far the longest i have gone in that span of 3-4 years and i have absolutely no strong desire to hit bowls.

    obviously i want to bun, but the urge is no stronger than it is after not smoking for a couple of hours. I love being able to bun for months on end, and then just stop because i feel like and have no negative cognitive/physical effects
  16. Everybody's had to do that. That's just another reason to work hard to get into a good job you can stay at for a while.
  17. This thread makes me kinda sad... Where i used to be at one point in life. Pawning some of my valuable items just so i can pay for drugs to last me over a couple more nights.. Then coming down and repeating the process.

    Munchies, you gotta understand priorities come first, especially a job. If i were you, id quit until i even had one just because that first bowl you rip when you're staring at your paychecks again, knowing you did the right thing will be the best high you've ever had. Especially with jobs testing constantly now, itll open up a lot more windows if you can.

    Right now im sitting here staring at a 1/4 and my stemless tempted to smoke, but, i gotta go to work in 4 hours. So its just gonna sit there and wait until after work.
  18. Tiny piece of hash left for the day, but I'm picking up tonight.
  19. 4 hours is a shit load of time

  20. Indeed it is, but i had quit recently for 6 months because of probation so i have no tolerance at all, and 4 hours will give me just about enough time to crash and have no energy before i work.

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