being on time.

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  1. i'm sitting in my room currently waiting for a friend to wake up and call me because we have plans.

    supposed to MEET at 10, and it's now 10 after 11. wtf?

    throughout my life i've ALWAYS been on time, well when i can help it. i just can't stand making a promise to be somewhere, and then not showing up or showing up late. i can understand if somethin unexpected comes up, but that usually ISN'T the case.

    people do this all the time, i'm so tired of it. what's with peoples inability to show up on time? is it really that hard to set an alarm or watch the time? :mad:

    i especially hate when someones inability to be on time fucks MY day up along with theirs. like seriously, stop being selfish, and show up when you said you were going to.

    anyone out there who keeps people waiting can go fuck themselves, it's rude and disrespectful!!!! /rant
  2. Throughout my recent life I've failed greatly in timeliness and keeping dates. It could be an excuse for personal weakness, but I think it's got a lot to do with my depression and anxiety issues.

    It's hard to describe. Sometimes feeling like crap makes you put everything off until the limit, thus, lateness.

    Your friend could just not care much about your plans though. He may just not give a shit and do stuff on his own time.
  3. My middle name is late.

  4. no we have plans to drop ___ today and wanted to get an early start, we're pretty close, but FUCK he's still sleeping and his phones off. but yeah i know, i was depressed and didn't give a shit about dates. but for example if i tell someone i'll meet you at 1... i'll be there at 1.

    sad or not. pissed off or not. i hate people who are tardy in social situations, it's rude as fuck. there's just no excuse.
  5. espicall if they don't even bother to call- that is really the least they can do- say dude sorry I can't make it at 10 is 11:30 cool?
    I was having a lot of that with one friend not showing then I'd be stuck sitting waitng doing nothing . Started to do less and less with him one day went to the park and was like it's 5 min away he can call me if he shows up and I'm gone (just had a rant about him -now that won't work as he doesn't want friends with cell phones- think we need to get away from thes people)
    another friend by contrast would always call even if he's be 15 min late.
  6. I agree...tardiness with no call is inconsiderate and rude! Personally I would reconsider dropping ___ today if you guys have underlying issues making you upset with one another...set & setting are important
  7. we dont have underlying issues, i just wanted to get an early start so we're not up late as fuck.

    but no worries he's still my bro :)

    and thanks for the advice, if i didn't know what i was doing, that post would've been helpful :) have some rep my friend

    EDIT: he's not usually late either, in fact he's not bad. just this once instance kinda pissed me off a bit, but i have far worse friends. so worse in fact that i dont hang with them anymore because their lack of respect for me was overwhelming
  8. update:

    it's now 12:30... still no texts or calls. maybe i should be concerned, it's not like him.
  9. Maybe you should just take the candy he was going to eat and eat it yourself. That will teach him a lesson.

  10. and send some awful karma my way? no thanks! :wave:
  11. another update:

    it's now 1 PM, and he just texted me "sorry bro, my battery died, i'm heading over now"

    i wou;d be mad... but he texted me and that immediately put me in a good mood because our plans are gonna start :D and i decided to smoke a j while i waited in the sun, listening to some wu-tang.

    needless to say, i'm a happy camper again. cheers GC, will report later with a follow-up thread on my experiences later on.

    i'll be using code words ;)
  12. i'd rather be 50 minutes early than 5 minutes late. The philosophy has served me well.
  13. Grow some balls and be straight up with your friend. Once its a little past the time you're supposed to hang out, go do something else till you hear from them then make him wait :)
  14. I know a lot of people who are that way.

    As someone who is always early, or on time... I understand your frustration.
  15. My gf has to tell friends who r habitually late to be places half an hour to an hour early in order for them to be on time. They're still late and it's annoying.

    I'd just say fuck em. Because obviously they don't care.

    Friends made 8 of us miss a movie because they got to the house late so we had to wait an hour to see the movie at a diff time.
  16. I've been waiting on a friend to call me for over 4 hours. We had plans to hang/jam today. I knew he would forget because he's a moron so I called him yesterday to make sure he didn't forget and make new plans. He had forgot (of course) but said it was still cool.

    I don't care either way but it's still fucked. I bet you he's fappin it, stickin his finger in his belly button and trimmin his pubes.

    Some people will never change or show that they give a fuck.

    Confronting them only leaves you looking and feeling stupid because either they continue or get angry because they know you're right.
  17. i had an awesome day.... fuck that bitch who told me to grow balls... she's jelly
  18. I'm always late, for everything.

    I usually make sure to call or text them though if I'm going to be excessively late.

  19. that sucks man, you should try to be on time. it's wayyyy more respectful

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