Being naked when I'm high?

Discussion in 'General' started by Falcnuts, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. For some reason, I love to be naked while I'm high. Masturbation while high is amazing, but just being as naked as I can feels greeeeaaaaaaaat. I'm in my room in nothing but my boxers, and my roomate is in here. Any other blades in here like to be in the buff?
  2. I've heard of it. Not nearly as uncommon as you'd think.

    I like to be clothed. call my crazy if you must.
  3. always in my boxers when it's warm enough. Kinda cold right now so I got some cloths on. Wish I had a J or a blunt or SOMETHING! Trying to go see scary movie 4, but not sober, ya know?
  4. i dunno... maybe its weird i completly agree... haha accept i keep some clothes on for the most part
  5. I don't like to as much as you probably..

    but i like having a shower then sitting outside after wearing boxers and a open dress shirt thinger. like all hawiian looking. and just smoking a bowl.

    so peaceful
  6. Same here.

    Shit i'm most comfterable in the middle of winter. Blue or black bandana and hat banged to the right. Southpole blue or black hoody with white tee hangin out the bottom. Black jeans. Blue timbo's. Right there im comfterable. Can conceal alot of shit without noticing. Be heated, Have a fifth of booze in the front of my pants, Ounce in my pocket and couldnt even tell.

    Only time im naked is im having sex or taking a shower.
  7. Wohoo Lets Get Naked
  8. Fer real doe i feel weird being naked jus alone even. Unless im taking a shower or something. Jus seems weird because like no reason to be naked.

    Only around the females i be feelin straight naked.

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