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  1. So i have recently received my medical marijuana card and wanted to grow my own medicine... i dont know anything about growing medical marijuana tho i have experimented with some bag seed just outside..

    anyways i was wondering if anyone knew of a good video or guide (a really good video would be awsome lol) on cultivating medical marijuana indoors...even if it cost money to buy tha video online or w.e i dont care...

    thanks for tha help blades! :smoke:
  2. All the reading you could ever want is on the forums.

    If you prefer to just watch a video look up the Jorge Cervantes series. I believe he has 3 DVD's that you can find through google videos for free.
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    Check out my sig the urban grower is pretty informative and you can find pretty much anything on youtube or google video as dude above said... Mr greens i grow chronic, there is also ready set grow from high times just go to you tube there will be a video covering every possible subject... You can also check out my thread for a shopping list of some of the stuff you will need and some other useful info.
  4. wow thanks alot guys ill have to check all that stuff out tomarrow... much appreciated =P
  5. In addition to his links insure you check out the stickies around here in the growing forums. Also there are also lots of great books out there to offer some good knowledge that you. I also found myself browsing youtube videos and doing random searches via google and finding gems of knowledge out there.

    Good luck on the grow and congrats on the medical card ya lucky bastard! :p

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