Being jobless Sucks

Discussion in 'General' started by skatealex2, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. All you bastards that have jobs are lucky :smoking:

  2. A lot of people are out of work right now. I say to people, go to a detail shop and detail cars or change oil. They are hiring all day.
  3. i'm trying out all the good stores like barnes and nobles, bed bath and beyond, etc.

    im gonna call my local movie theatre later and try to speak to the manager. i think they are looking for people motivated enough to call and speak with them. wowrth a shot at least.......

    it's insane how many people are out of jobs. i'd be happy to land any 10$ an hour job..........

    why do you think people are hiring for oil changes?
  4. because no one wants to do it. You get dirty and greasy. Detailing cars too. But its work. Good luck man, keep putting yourself out there and someone will hire you. These days we cant have the "im too good for that job" mentality. Unless you score a mega hottie who is rich and makes ur job uhhh u know ..
  5. duude tell me about it. my parents just keep riding me about it. saying we need the money, were not doing good.

    how the fuck am i supposed to get a job when half of my friends parents got laid off and cant find one? wtf.

    MI has the worst unemployment, and ive applied to literally everywhere in my little city.
  6. I had a good job,then got laid off.I never even missed a day the entire time I worked there,then when my hours started getting cut I talked with my boss and got laid off :( .I live in a small as shit town where theres no jobs AT ALL,so theres no tellin when Ill find another.This economy fuckin SUCKS.
  7. Been looking for a job for a bit now, going to continue job hunting on monday. Just keep looking, one will pop up.
  8. GOt an interview through craigslist that sounds heady-

    "This means blogging about local news items, going to events and writing about them, taking pictures, speaking with local business owners and other local people of interest, and so on...
    The schedule for the job is totally up to you.
    You will work on your own time. So for example , I would give you things to write about (or you would suggest things to write about) and you would get the articles/stories done on your own time."

    this job sounds like it could be heady!
  9. ATX has soooo many opportunities you for people. If you can ever move there you will be good to go. Its supposed to be #1 place to score a job nowadays or something in a list atleast so I heard. Doesnt take much work to find a job since, and soo many new buildings/franchises/ shit is poppin up all over that place. Make sure to move to a small community like Cedar Park, GeorgeTown, Leander, Round Rock or something. If moving from California the reality is not very expensive, crime rates are way way low. Tons of shit to do, Idk always thought about moving there and have done my research but never have. :(
  10. Yeah it definitely sucks ass not having a job. I've been laid off for about a year and a half now, but at least I'm getting unemployment, so it's something you know? It all goes to bills, I have basically no money to enjoy myself, I'm left with like 30 bucks for recreation each week. Whats even worse is the boredom. My friends all have jobs and then when they're off they want to chill with their fuckin girlfriends so I end up sitting on my ass at home most days.

    Whats even worse is I don't really live too close to anywhere to get a job and my license is suspended for another 21 months, and I've applied at all the places that are within reasonable bike riding distance, and none of them are hiring, or at least not hiring me. Most of the places that are semi-close for me are retail type stores, and with 2 retail theft charges from being a dumbass teenager 4 years ago as well as 3 retail theft charges as a minor, it's like a definite NO to the question will you hire me.
  11. Man, I feel you! I wish I had more money in my pocket. I wish I would get hired but everyone wants someone with experience. How am I suppose to gain experience if they aren't letting me work there to begin with?!
  12. Yeah, one of the call centres up here just shut down, so I just gained 150 more people to contend with in the limited jobs that are up here. And people seem to no want to hire students because our schedules are fucked (like mine) to work around:(
  13. i just started working a month ago...
    got my first check...
    and it felt great.

    your above statement is so true.

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